OpenPli 4.0 IPTV by MastaG / Japhar Team with 1300 FREE IPTV Channels and with GStreamer (May 6th 2016)


- Latest gstreamer snapshot based on recipes from christophecvr:
* Proper fix for HLS segfault on stop
* Re-enable the rtmp seeking and potential segfault fix
* gstreamer1.0-libav is now built against system ffmpeg instead (this differs from chris recipes) *
* dvbmediasink patches for Vu Solo 4K, hd1265 and hd1500 from oe-alliance
- FFMpeg updated to 3.0.2 and is now installed by default *
- Backports to enigma2 for sh4 (mainly servicemp3.cpp related)
- Fix EPG on sh4 receivers
- exteplayer3 is now installed by default, thank you mx3L and samsamsam *
- gstplayer is now installed by default, thank you mx3L and samsamsam
- Mediatomb is now in the feeds
- MediaPlayer2 is now installed by default, thank you mx3L
- SubsSupport (for MediaPlayer2) is now installed by default, thank you mx3L
- No more russian tuxtxt
- Its now possible to set the debug level again in the UI-settings menu, thank you christophecvr
- Latest enigma2 changes, thank you OpenPLi
- latest openpli-oe-core changes, thank you OpenPLi
- ServiceApp, thank you mx3L !!!

Known issues:
- On spark7162 (and 7111 probably as well) fragmented streams such as hls (m3u8) will skip and freeze a lot.
This happened sometime after the official Gstreamer 1.8.0 release and I didnt found the cause yet.
It is not related to the dvbmediasink since it doesnt happen on mips receivers and the code in the dvbmediasink didnt change.
Configure your streams to play with exteplayer3 instead, read below.
- * On the 64MB Dreambox models (DM800HD, DM800Se and DM500HD) there is not enough space to ship ffmpeg.
This means that exteplayer3 and gstreamer1.0-libav arent installed as well because they depend on ffmpeg.
See my attached guide to copy over the root filesystem to a storage device.
- Some Dreambox remotes may behave very sensitive.
This causes button presses to register multiple times instead of just once.
As a workaround you can adjust the key interval:
Go to: Menu - System - Input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms or 300ms.
Press green button (OK)
Now set the same delay for: "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" as well.
- DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.

Thanks for the hard work from mx3L and samsamsam you can now play your IPTV streams with exteplayer3 or gstplayer instead of the default dvbmediasink.
Especially using exteplayer3 will give much better performance on playing HLS streams compared to gstreamer + dvbmediasink.
For example, playing DJING underground 720p never worked very well on my DM800HD and now it does

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