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CHANNELS GROUPS: United Kingdom, UK Live Sports Events, United States, US Locals, USA Live Sports Events, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Netherland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Bulgarian, Hungary, Czech, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Bosna, Hrvatska, Srbija, Crna Gora, Makedonija, Slovenija, Russian, Israel, Albania, Turkey, Arabic Countries, OSN Arabic, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia, Malta, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Kurdistan, Brazil, Latin America, Thailand, Caribbean, Colombia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Canada, Africa, Sports, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, For Adults, VIP
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Supported systems are:

- IPTV Compatible Recievers Enigma2 DM800HD,DM500HD, VU+, Cloud i-box, Gigablue..ect (IPTV best works on receivers with enigma2 images OpenPLi and OpenATV - the best OpenPli)
- IPTV Compatible Recievers Amiko (WebTv.list Spark), Ferguson Ariva, Octagon, Smartlive, Geant, Starsat, Tiger, MediaStar, Fortec....etc
- Computer VLC player or Simple Tv or XBMC Progdvb Satellite
- Android Devices (Samsung Galaxy / iPhone / Ipad / Galaxy Tab)
- Android tv boxes & tablets
- Android smartphones
- Smart TV (LG & Samsung)
- MAG BOX (Mag250/254/260)

1 month => 10.00 EUR
3 months => 25.00 EUR
6 months => 45.00 EUR
12 months => 75.00 EUR

Payment method: PayPal
The TRIAL FREE TEST 24 hours is only for serious potential buyers!!!
In the test request you must write the answers to these 2 questions:
IPTV for which device?
which the file format you need (enigma2 .ts, m3u8, .m3u, webtv.list…etc) ?
If you use the receiver then which image is installed (openpli, openatv, blackhole etc) ?
For MagBox or Formuler send MAC number in format 00:1a:79:??:??
If you are using the Smart IPTV application (SIPTV), please send me the MAC of the app?
FULL list or EDIT list ???
Do you want all grups (countries) or do you want me to remove some countries from the list? What? See the list of groups above!
We will make your list on server, as you wish !!!