PKT SVN-2860 HYPERION v4 Image

SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5580
MIPS OpenPLI GIT-15226

Added by PKT:

[SH4] Based on E2 PLI 13-11-2013
[SF1028P] add ExtraCache for NAND Image
[SF1028P] nand optimalization
[SH4] BootSetup Fix 4 USB HUB working
{ALL} added polish EPG updater in BP
[ip55] bootsetup and multiboot fix
[SH4] set Framework Manager to Autoswitch mode
[IP99] fix map ca1 to ca0
[gm990] Fix kernel - now available full flash size
[ipbox55] Fix kernel - now available full flash size
[SH4] add ESI88
[ADB, ESI88] update VFD-Icons
[SH4] crossepg GS fix - source openPLI
[ALL] update djcrashUpdater v1.4.0
- add alternative server
- reducing access time to the server when it is unreachable
[SH4] new samba compilation
[ESI88] on/off rec led
[GM990] revert KEY_BACK in evremote2
[sf8] fix operabrowser and hbbtv
[xpeed] fix out of memory when recording or network movie playing
{ALL} Front Panel v.1.5
{ALL} added 3rd event view in channelselection list
{ALL} set Silver HD as default skin
[UFS912] nand optimalization
{ALL} ECM info optimization
{ALL} picons update
[MIPS] Add BeckupSuite
[ALL] update ShoutCast Radio with recording possibility
[ALL] add compiled streamripper v1.64.6
[GM SH4] set correct eps "60" for greater angle
[ALL SH4] keymap changes:
- fix yellow button on Audio Selection Menu
- fix InfobarEPGActions
[GM990/7162] add KEY_T to keymap
[ALL SH4] add KEY_PAGEUP & KEY_PAGEDOWN to keymap for EPGSelectActions
[all] fix PKT_BackupManager
[ALL] update PKT DLNA Setup v1.5:
- add database direcory
- fix running pid remove
[ALL SH4] fix GS when trying deactivation 'Network Interface'
[SH4] fix network setup is not save when using 1st wizard
[ALL] update InstallManager v2.8.5 - fix status delay
[SH4] fix GS when WLAN drivers is Enabled
[SH4] fix GS in CIFS Manager when removing mount share
[SH4] disable for default "read external txt/srt file" from main menu
[ADB] fix fan setup
[ALL] add PKT SyncTime v1.3:
-Enable/Disable time from transponder
-Enable/Disable time from NTP server
-add posibility to change server
-add programing crontab to autoupdate
-add autostart cron when autoupdate Enable
-add Sync at startup
[GM990, ADB] Enable ca1toca0 as default
[ESI88] change of digits
[MIPS] add TeletextActions
[mips] add some missing libs
[SH4] remove WebMedia
[MIPS] fix teletext
[SH4] fix samba startup
[ALL] update channel list
[ALL] many other bugfixes to increase stability

Known Issues:
[SH4] Using subtitles in media player should be deactivated before end of the movie

Special THX to TDT, OpenPLI, all sh4 community and all betatesters.
Extra THX goto data devil

FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

Pozdrawiamy Polish Koders Team