Casinos: the battle is coming to Partouche establishments

Casinos: "the battle" is coming to Partouche establishments

Have you always loved gambling, but the complexity of blackjack has always given you the shivers? No problem, the casino owners have the solution and offer you the simplest card game in the world. It's called... battle! The Partouche group is now offering this new entertainment in its lounges, "in a period where we have never needed to have so much fun".

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Everyone knows the principle of the Battle: a card in a duel against another card, the stronger of the two wins... Simple. Similar contests were also organized by casinos best Indian online casinos. In practice, in a gaming room, this is how a game will be played: a table in a half-moon and a dealer facing you.

Everyone plays in turn against the dealer, the stake is minimal, and when you win you get back double your stake. "Fun and no headaches", Partouche says, making available a children's game reserved for adults. Remember that minors are not allowed in casinos.

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The Partouche group is one of the most important in the sector in France. It operates 49 establishments in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Tunisia, reported It was founded in 1973 by Isidore Partouche, a colorful character whose portrait follows. He is also the second-largest shareholder in the Lille soccer club, with a 40% stake.