Casino scammers. How they work and how to identify them

Casino scammers. How they work and how to identify them

How do scammers cheat in casinos and what to do to avoid being cheated? Due to the fact that there are too many scam casinos now, it may seem to some that all online gambling is one big scam. But this is absolutely not the case.woo casino log in There are many normal casinos, just don't fall for the tricks of the cheaters. Casino scammers. Blacklist All known online casino scams are marked in the blacklist. But keep in mind that there are many more %s... Go to the blacklist page and note that a huge number of scammers use the name or allusions to the Volcano. This is one of the most obvious determinants of divorce. Keep in mind that this long-suffering Vulcan brand does not exist online. Therefore, everyone who in any way refers to it, be it a similar name or a similar logo, are scammers. Read more about the real Volcano here. The main troublemaker in online gambling is Azino777. This scammer is actively advertised and does not spare money for this, involving quite well-known personalities in certain circles. These are standard breeders, you don't even need to double-check %s... No license, no licensed games. All the signs of scammers are on the face. Even by the look of the site and the range of games, one can already draw conclusions. How can you tell if a particular casino is a scam? You don't need to be an experienced punter or have any special skills. You just need to be careful. All casinos must have a license. Some licenses may cost little, but that's another question. If you don't have a license, then don't even contact such an


... You don't even need to think about whether this is an online casino or not. No matter how much they assure you that the site you visited is reliable and honest, if you don't find a license, just leave. License information is usually located in the footer of the site (at the very bottom of the page). When you click on the license icon, you must go to the validator page, where the license status is confirmed and who received it. Read more about how to check a casino license here. Please note that casino scammers sometimes post false license information. Therefore, do not be lazy to check everything. Also, make sure that the address you go to when checking the license is the official site, and not just a similar fake %s... All of this is explained in the article linked above. Characteristics of casino divorce Another telltale sign of a scam casino is the range of games. Normal operators buy games from licensed developers. These games cannot be twisted in their direction, so the punter will win or lose, it is decided by chance. But casino scams use fake games that have a similar shell, but completely different insides. Such software is called scripted, and it allows operators to set the desired percentage of return. So, your losses are not bad luck, but the casino's handiwork. Such scripted casinos are very cheap, which is why a huge number of them have grown %s... Casino scam: a mixture of fake and original games Recently, cases are often discussed when you don't immediately understand that this is a scam in front of you. They buy a license, buy licensed games, but only add a small amount of fake software to them. It is more difficult to find such scam casinos, because you need to open and check each game separately. Read here how to identify fake software or not. Casino scammers - do not pay money, delay payments There is another category of scam casinos. They have a license, normal fair games, but punters have problems with withdrawing money. This also happens, and such operators can also be safely called scammers. On this topic I can not enter the casino %s... What is the reason and how to fix it? Unfortunately, the fact that the casino delays payments without reason, refuses withdrawals or confiscates funds can only be found out by registering directly or by reading about the sad experience of other punters. In any case, someone will definitely suffer from the casino tricks before it can be understood that this is a scam. The problem with such casino scammers is that they are registered in untrustworthy jurisdictions. The most popular of these is Curacao. Operators, in fact, are not controlled by anyone, so non-payment of money will not lead to any. The only punishment is bad reputation if punters can spread the word about the problem widely enough. Unlike casino scammers who do not have any license at all, in this case there is a chance to get your money back. This is done through special sites and the registration of the complaint %s... To avoid widespread publicity, operators sometimes make concessions. If you play on unlicensed sites, no complaints will help.woo casino login You also need to be careful about the rules and conditions of the casino. Sometimes the casino does not seem to be called a scam, but there is a clear feeling that the punters are being cheated. This is due to unfair terms and conditions. The fact is that bad jurisdictions require little from operators and do not exactly control what they can enter and what not. It turns out that scammers calmly come up with unthinkable rules that no one would subscribe to if they read it. And newbies will not even know about it until the problems start and it turns out that the operator is acting within the framework of its own document %s... Then you cannot complain, because all the punters agree with all the rules upon registration. How do scammers lure into a casino? This is done in a variety of ways. Some casinos may buy databases from other casinos or any database with potential customers in general. Then spam is sent to them with tempting offers. Fraudsters can offer any bonuses, because they will not need to think about risks and fulfillment of obligations. They will simply refuse payments or prevent the punters from winning. Therefore, in their ads, they try to attract attention with generous bonuses or some incredible promotions. Casino scam with sufficient budget even creates


... This is Azino777's strategy. They starred Vovan, Vitya AK, Guf, and recently also an actor from the Ural Dumplings. This is such a unique project, a test for the absence or presence of conscience in public people. You can call this list the Avenue of Stars Asino777, and it will also be a list of shame. Another way to attract gamblers is discussed in the article"Divorce in Telegram Channels - Successful Winning Strategies in Online Casinos". An article about how scam casino contractors lure freebie greedy people through the telegram app. They offer ways to hack the casino or trick the operator in some other way. There are supposedly some secret schemes %s... In fact, they just recruit naive people and send them to register in fraudulent casinos to seek their luck with useless schemes or hacking methods. How not to get caught by scammers? You just don't have to be so naive. Casino scammers target those who want easy, and preferably big, money. They skillfully play on their feelings of greed. Don't assume that being simple gamblers will outsmart casinos that make their own money from divorce. Check the sites you plan to register on. Perhaps they are blacklisted or punters are constantly complaining about problems with conclusions. In general, evaluate casino responsibly %s... You can view the casino rating. Make sure of a decent reputation of the institution and the availability of a license. Then everything will be fine.