eScapes Network, in partnership with Broad Branch Media has formed a partnership to bring the network’s programming to Europe as an unencrypted DTH channel at Eutelsat Hot Bird neighbourhood.

The network is also marketing directly to cable operators looking to enhance their programming schedules with family friendly relaxation television ideally suitable for home or offices. eScapes and Broad Branch Media are actively engaging Europe’s top advertising agencies to secure representation.

Robert A. Oklejas, president and chairman of the board, eScapes Network, said: “This is an important and historic time in the Network’s growth. Even with current tightness in the European cable market coupled with mixed advertising spending, we are confident eScapes entertainment will find its audience all over the world.”

When asked why is eScapes different from other music channels, Oklejas clarified the question, “Our programming is way beyond a music service. For the listeners, the playlist is packed with popular music genres. Our live show hosts engage viewers through social media while they introduce the music artists and songs. The HD videos immerse viewers in location views that might be familiar or exotic.”

“As a company that specialises in the transmission, distribution, and placement of television channels in new markets around the globe, Broad Branch Media is very fortunate to be able to work with the talented team at eScapes Network to cost effectively expand their global footprint, and to bring new innovative content to Europe,” added William O’Hara, president of Broad Branch Media.