Cable and Wireless Communications (C&W) which now operates Flow, a Caribbean communications service provider, secured the broadcast licence to operate a TV service in Anguilla. Dubbed 'TV you can control,' Advanced Video Services is a HD visual experience with over 60 HD channels available at no extra cost.

AVS allows customers to restart TV programmes from the beginning, record all their favourite shows using the new Cloud Video recorder feature, watch new blockbuster movies from the comfort of their homes with AVS' Video OnDemand service, monitor content via Advanced Parental controls and access TV on the go through our Flow ToGo smartphone application. C&W will commence delivery of TV service in Anguilla by the end of the year. In 2014, C&W embarked on a USD 7.4 million network upgrade investment programme for Anguilla, as part of a wider regional investment strategy, called Project Marlin.