Spanish broadcasters including Atresmedia, Mediaset and Vocento have paid out over EUR 20 million to settle a complaint that threatened to result in the closure of eight more of the country's DTT channels, reports website Voz Populi. Spain's Supreme Court was set to rule on the fate of the DTT channels at a hearing scheduled for 23 June, after a complaint lodged by Infraestructuras y Gestion 2002 among others alleged that the award of the licences in 2010 without a public tender was unlawful. The settlement is a last-minute reprieve to channels such as Energy, Divinity, Boing, FDF, Neox, Nova and 13 TV, meaning that the national DTT offer available in Spain will be 21 channels when six new DTT licences (three in HD and three in SD) are awarded later this year.