The BBC and UK mobile operator EE tested a technology that delivers multi-angle instant replays to smartphones at the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa on 30 May. The instant replays use LTE Broadcast technology to handle the problem of thousands of devices attempting to stream the same content simultaneously. Huawei, EVS, Intellicore and Qualcomm are also involved in the trial.

The LTE Broadcast feature was first tested by the partners at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. More trials will take place at Wimbledon in June. The BBC aims to move to full public trials in 2016, but data costs could be an issue. Viewers could potentially use as much as 800 MB per match, writes Digital Spy. EE said it is focusing on getting the technology changes and will look at pricing for such a bandwidth-heavy service when it is set to launch.

LTE Broadcast can serve multiple people viewing the same content within a given area without the buffering that normally comes from transmitting several unicast streams. In the FA Cup trial, the EE app allowed 20 invited guests with specially enabled tablets to see three live feeds and to choose from a selection of replays of key moments from many camera angles.