Swedish television channel TV4 has been told by FIFA that it must refer to the forthcoming football world cup tournament in Canada as the 'FIFA Women's World Cup', rather than just the 'Football World Cup', as it had planned, according to an article on the Aftonbladet website. The tournament runs from 06 June to 05 July.

The newspaper said that TV4 sports reporter and commentator Patrick Ekwall remarked that UEFA and FIFA are generally resolute about their specific demands when it comes to TV broadcasting rights, and he did not know what would happen if the channel breached the directive.

TV4's head of sports, Fredrik Olofson, said that TV4 and Norwegian channel NRK would be trying to persuade FIFA to change the rule. Olofson said FIFA should take advantage of the fact that the soccer world cup is a strong brand, and should try to put the women's tournament on an equal footing with the men's. Having two world cup tournaments is not particularly troublesome, he said.