Tivů is launching tivůlink, a guide that makes it possible to launch the on-demand services of the Italian broadcasters with a single click.

Tivůlink is a new app of the free-to-view Italian DTH platform tivůsat, which gives direct access all the on-demand services from the Italian broadcasters, such as Rai Replay, Rai TGR, Mediaset Rewind in HD, Infinity, and La7 On Demand.

The new app has a welcome screen with all the on-demand services of the available broadcasters; the browsing is simple and intuitive, through the function keys on the remote control.

The on demand services can also be explored by broadcaster, and it is possible to get information on each of them by pressing the yellow button on the remote control, or to launch them by pressing the OK button on the remote control. In order to access the services, the TV set or Tivusat set-top needs to be connected to broadband internet.

“The interactive services of the broadcasters are not immediately visible because they are placed at the bottom of the channel list,” said Alessandro Picardi, president of Tivů, the company that manages tivůsat.

“With tivůlink, Tivů tries to simplify the use of on-demand services, by creating a single “window” for interactive applications that will improve the quality of the user experience”.