The Russian VOD operator ivi has launched a personalised TV service based on and deeply integrated into its platform.

Known as, it includes several channels aggregated through a recommendations system for each individual user; over 40 genre channels that include more than 25,000 pieces of content; and special channels that include the best video content from iviís library.

Initially made available on LG smart TV and Samsung, it will be expanded to other platforms in the next few months.

Commenting on the development, Oleg Tumanov, the founder and CEO of ivi, said: ďTV hasnít undergone any fundamental changes in the last 50 years. And it has been doing exactly the same thing: broadcasting content to clients, not asking for any feedback from its users or providing any option to manage your own video stream. We decided to bring together the vast functionality of VOD and the easiness of traditional TV to provide a very effective solution for our users who at some point donít want to make a choice: they just want to turn on and watch.Ē Ē