The Spanish football federation (RFEF) has announced that all domestic games will be indefinitely suspended from 16 May over disagreements with the government on a number of issues, above all the new law on collective bargaining for TV rights passed last week. The strike would affect the final two match days in La Liga, Spain’s top-tier league, as well as the Spanish cup final. The federation’s move comes after the introduction of a Royal Decree that paves the way for a UK-style collective bargaining for TV rights before the start of the 2016-17 season. The new deal will bring to an end a system in which rights are sold by individual clubs and could lead to a sharp price increase in costs for companies such as Telefonica and Mediapro.
The RFEF said its decision was taken due to "the Spanish Government's disrespectful attitude towards the RFEF with regards to this Royal Decree and its failure to resolve other questions raised.” However, in a statement on its website it said strike action could still be avoided. “At the same time, and once again, we reiterate the offer of dialogue to the Spanish government,” the federation said.