Holidaying Brits may soon be able to continue using catch-up services including the BBC’s iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV as they travel across the European Union.

The proposal is part of a wider-ranging European Commission initiative for a “digital single market”.

The regulator says it wants to boost the use of online goods and services by introducing new rules.

But the technology industry has warned that some of the suggested changes could undermine that goal. The measure affecting internet catch-up services would become possible thanks to a pledge to reduce the differences between national copyright laws.

“The Commission wants to ensure that users who buy films, music or articles at home can also enjoy them while travelling across Europe,” it said in a statement. “The Commission will also look at the role of online intermediaries in relation to copyright-protected works. [And there will be] a review of the Satellite and Cable Directive to assess if its scope needs to be enlarged to broadcasters’ online transmissions and to explore how to boost cross-border access to broadcasters’ services in Europe.”

The BBC confirmed it would look into the possibility of easing its iPlayer restrictions.

“We note the Commission’s interest in making services more portable to UK users while temporarily travelling in Europe, and will begin work to look at the technical and legislative implications,” said a spokesman.