By the end of this year, investment in the Spanish advertising sector will near €2,000 million, a figure expected to be surpassed during 2016, but still far below the over €3,500 reached before the financial crisis in 2008.

This is according to Arce Media whose research found that during Q1 2015, TV gathered nearly half the entire advertising investment in media, representing a €452 million investment and 8.9% growth compared to same period in 2014. This growth trend is expected to continue throughout the year and even increase during Q2 and Q3 due to public investment driven by the upcoming election periods.

However, growth is expected to slow by the end of the year, to an average of around 6.6%, with TV gathering nearly €2,000 million in a year which confirms the sector's recovery.

TV is the only traditional media which is managing to fight its way out of the financial crisis; newspapers and magazines are far from showing any real recovery.

Advertising investment on the Internet is set to grow by 14% by the end of the year, gathering €440 million.