Satellite television provider NC+ has agreed to refrain from unilateral price increases and will compensate customers over rises undertaken by predecessor Cyfra+ in 2012, according to anti-monopoly authority UOKiK. Agnieszka Kowalczyk, head of the department of consumer interests protections at UOKiK, said proceedings began in November 2013 against ITI Neovision, formerly CANAL+ Cyfrowy, which operates NC+ .

The allegations concern a unilateral change to the terms of contracts concluded with subscribers for a limited time period. At the beginning of January 2012, the operator told clients it would raises fees in March 2012 and if they did not accept the new terms, the contract was to be terminated.

According to UOKiK, the company one-sidedly changed the terms of a time-limited contract and thus violated the consumers' rights. In case of a time-limited contract, the subscriber has the right to expect that the terms will remain unchanged until the end of the contract period. The operator has now undertaken to refrain from the practice.

Clients who continue using the operator's services will be provided with free services, such as a package of VoD films, access to a new channel or exchange of decoder. Those who are no longer subscribers will be offered a subscription under special terms or the return of PLN 43.16 in cash.

The company will also conduct information campaigns tailored to specific groups of subscribers, communicated via TV, e-mail, SMS, post, as well as at the Subscriber Internet Centre. Information for former subscribers will be communicated on the operator's website for two months and will be published in the national press. The operator is required to report on the implementation of the decision of UOKiK's president.