SPI International, owner of the stock exchange listed company Kino Polska TV, will launch a channel broadcasting in the 4K format in Poland in the second half of the year, reports Rpkom.pl. It will be the first regular broadcasting of this type in the Polish market. Plans for the launch of the channel 4K FunBox UHD in Poland and other countries during the third and fourth quarter were announced during MIPTV (Marche International des Programmes de Television) in Cannes.

The broadcaster announced that in the first quarter, it accumulated 200 hours of programmes in 4K. The new ultraHD library will include variable content, such as documents, nature video with panoramas of San Francisco and computer animations, said Berk Uziyel, executive director of Filmbox International, a subsidiary of SPI International.

Since 2014, FilmBox has been running the library Kino LG 4K, jointly with LG Electronics, as part of its service VOD FilmBox Live. It is available on TVs with internet access. SPI plans to run broadcasts from music and entertainment shows, too.

The new format will be distributed through IPTV operators as well as on satellite platforms. A channel broadcasting in 4K requires large capacity. In the case of DVB-T broadcasting, it would require a whole multiplex, which using current technology in Poland, is able to carry eight SD channels. TVP tested the new channel in 4K in autumn 2014.

Outside Poland, ultraHD testing was conducted in 2014 by the Czech public TV Ceska Televize and Slovak RTVS in cooperation with Ceske Radiokomunikace and SES Astra. Also, French Canal+ has tested 4K. In the US, the operator DirecTV has a free 4K channel, and 4K is also available through the video services of Netflix and Amazon.