The BBC is trying to adapt to younger audiences who watch TV and listen to radio on mobile devices and over the web, remodelling itself as an “internet-centric” broadcaster, technology chief Matthew Postgate told the Financial Times. “It’s my job over the next five years to put in place the production foundations to be internet first,” he said. For Postgate, media groups “are going to have to learn lessons if they’re going to be in a position to compete with organisations that were born in the digital age”.

After BCC director general Tony Hall scrapped the GBP 100 million Digital Media Initiative in 2013, there is no longer a desire “to do very large, overarching, multiyear projects, but instead we’re thinking about technology as a more agile and iterative process,” according to Postgate. Yet he is committed to the idea of moving the BBC’s archive online and making the it tapeless. Since his appointment last July he has created a team to help departments shift towards digital processes, renamed his department from BBC Technology to BBC Engineering, and made other changes.