Russia’s MTS has extended the deadline under which subscribers of the former DTH platform Raduga TV can move over to their satellite TV service at favourable rates until the end of May.

However, quoted by Comnews, the company’s spokesman Dmitry Solodovnikov refused to say if the terms and conditions remained unchanged.

MTS’ DTH platform was soft-launched last November and still only has a limited number of subscribers.

Industry sources believe a mass-market launch will take place this May.

Raduga TV, which was 50% owned by Modern Times Group (MTG), ceased broadcasting on December 5 last year after having failed to secure a licence.

At least 10,000 of its customers are understood to have since gone over to Orion Express, Russia’s second largest DTH platform after Tricolor TV.

MTS’ initial offer to Raduga TV subscribers applied until the end of March.