Imagine introduces uncompressed-over-IP gateway card to support hybrid SDI

DetailsEditor | 02 April 2015

Aiming to provide on/off-ramps for SDI to IP conversion in single platform, Imagine Communications has launched the Selenio uncompressed-over-IP (UCIP) gateway module.

Part of Imagine Communications' software-defined networking (SDN) framework that supports media companies through the hybrid transition from traditional baseband to IP-enabled networks and workflows, the multichannel Selenio UCIP gateway module converts SDI baseband signals to IP streams and IP to SDI signals.

The module provides up to 112 UCIP channels per Selenio MCP 3RU frame offering slot-by-slot selection for UCIP, JPEG2000 and H.264/MPEG-2 functionality. Additional modules can be added for functions such as frame syncs, video/audio expanders, encoders, decoders and multiplexers.

The module is also said to be especially well suited to low-latency broadcast contribution applications such as sports, live events and studio-to-studio production. The company cites a use case where at a live event venue, a Selenio UCIP module might convert multiple SDI sources to baseband over IP, using SMPTE 2022 standards, for IP-based transport to a national playout centre.

"Technology advances have accelerated the prospect of handling all content – real-time streams as well as files – over an IP network," explained Imagine vice president, product strategy, networking, distribution and workflow Brick Eksten. "With the Selenio UCIP as a major gateway component in our SDN portfolio, media companies are freed from the distance and routing limitations of SDI. Selenio UCIP provides the on-ramp and off-ramp for uncompressed signals over IP, enabling our customers gain the benefits of transitioning their existing SDI facilities into the next generation hybrid networks and workflows of the future."