Privately owned Polish television broadcaster TVN will expand it portfolio from 16 April by adding two ore channels. They are TVN Meteo Active for viewers interested in an active, healthy lifestyle, and TVN Fabula, featuring an extensive line-up of movies and TV series.

The schedule of TVN Meteo Active channel will be focused on active, healthy lifestyle, recreation, fitness and rational nutrition. TVN Meteo Active will be transformed from TVN Meteo, the first Polish weather channel. The new channel responds to trends in Polish society, with an increasing number of people taking up sports and sport-related activities, and eating healthy food.

TVN Meteo Active targets those who take care of themselves, invest in active lifestyle as well as look for reliable health information and motivation to participate in multiple training opportunities and to change their habits. The channel will feature appearances by recognised authorities on sports and health-related issues and people who have managed to introduce spectacular changes to their lives.

The hosts of TVN Meteo Active channel include both former TVN Meteo journalists and new television personalities including Odeta Figurska, Natalia Gacka, Katarzyna Kepka and Mariusz Czerkawski. Top TVN Meteo shows, such as 'Maja w ogrodzie' ('Maja in the Garden') or weather forecasts on tour, will remain on air. The head of TVN Meteo Active will be Grzegorz Plaza, formerly responsible for TVN Turbo, TVN's channel for the male audience, and sports editorial office at TVN24, TVN's first news channel.

The second channel to be launched by TVN on 16 April is TVN Fabula. The new station will offer TVN's own products and acquired films and series. Alongside well-known and popular TV series produced by TVN, blockbuster movies and foreign TV serials, TVN Fabula will feature daily original shows for cinema lovers with entertainment news, movie premieres, red carpet events, celebrity gossip and stars.

The shows will be hosted by TVN journalists including Anna Wendzikowska, Andrzej Soltysik, Kinga Burzynska and Olivier Janiak. TVN's new channel will stand out, with a strong movie slot filled with blockbuster feature films and the best TV show marathons, in response to increasingly popular binge watching, when viewers watch several episodes of their favourite TV show in one sitting.

Films and TV series on TVN Fabula will be available in HD quality. Movie lovers will benefit from alternative sound options; a Polish voice-over or the original soundtrack with Polish subtitles. In his comment on the channel's launch, Maciej Swierzawski, Head of TVN Fabuła, said that the new channel's line-up will be complementary to TVN and TVN7 both in terms of title selection and the arrangement of their respective slots across the schedule.

On top of that, daily shows produced especially for TVN Fabula will update viewers on the latest movie releases, film events as well as interviews with the greatest film and TV stars. Swierzawski is a TV director and producer and has served as an assistant director to Agnieszka Holland, Steven Spielberg and Jerzy Stuhr. He has been working for TVN since 1997, among other things as director of 'Sędzia Anna Maria Wesolowska' ('Judge Anna Maria Wesolowska'), 'Brzydula' ('Ugly Betty') and 'Na Wspolnej' ('In Wspolna Street').