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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News launches on Amazon Fire TV, plans 4k German IPTV operator Exaring has made its TV platform available on

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    8,528 launches on Amazon Fire TV, plans 4k

    German IPTV operator Exaring has made its TV platform available on the Amazon Fire TV box and stick.

    As with Google Chromecast, the currently watched TV programme can be wiped from the smartphone to the TV set through a wiping move on the smartphone display.

    A new feature in the app is the series recording. With a click, all episodes of a TV series can be automatically recorded by the integrated cloud-based PVR.

    In addition to the around 60 public and commercial TV channels, has started adding web TV services to its channel listing. The first entrants are computer and video game channel Rocket Beans TV, BFV.TV which shows highlights of local Bavarian football matches, and a best of channel with videos from YouTube stars part of German multi-platform network Mediakraft. BFV.TV is already available, Rocket Beans TV and Mediakraft will follow in the next weeks.

    This year, also wants to launch an Ultra HD/4k offer with sports, documentaries and music. For reception, viewers need Google Chromecast Ultra or the Amazon Fire TV box in addition to an Ultra HD TV set.

    Also planned for this year are apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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    Cyfrowy Polsat growth continues

    Poland’s Cyfrowy Polsat saw its contracted pay-TV subscriber total in 2016 increase by 5.8% to 4,766,429.

    The number of customers receiving Multiroom grew by 9.1% to 1,021,720, while internet susbcribers increased by 10.2% to 1,757,742.

    Mobile telephony take-up also continued to grow, the 6,730,427 end-year total being 3.3% on that 12 months earlier, while the number of multiplay customers grew by 285,000 in 2016 to over 1.3 million.

    ARPU was up by 2.7% to PLN90.7 (€21), while churn fell by 1.7 percentage points to 8.3%.

    The Cyfrowy Polsat group had pro-forma revenues of PLN9,650 million in 2016, up 2.5% on a year earlier. EBITDA was PLN3,660 million (-0.5%).

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    Sky to give advertisers real-time purchasing

    Sky Media is to give ad buyers the ability to purchase audiences and make decisions in real time.

    Following a successful pilot phase with media agency Omnicom, the second phase of Sky AVx (Audio Visual Exchange) will expand the platforms and inventory available. Buyers will have access to Sky-branded linear and VOD channels.

    Graeme Hutcheson, Director of Digital and Sky AdSmart of Sky commented “Sky is on a journey to deliver a programmatic solution in the efficient, effective, measurable and brand safe environments advertisers demand – these first steps are significant and will allow real-time ad-decisions to be made in a live broadcast environment for the first time.”

    Harriet Perry, General Manager, Accuen added, “For the first time, the UK market will be able to tap into the £5 billion TV industry using programmatic technologies. This means that clients are now able to make more informed buying decisions, in real time, during live TV broadcasts. We’re thrilled to be Sky’s exclusive partner for the launch of Sky AVx and help to deliver programmatic TV, something that has been highly anticipated in the UK.”

    During the trial phase, Omnicom was able to purchase Sky’s first Programmatic Broadcast Solution via Sky Go’s livestream. Through an automated process, Omnicom was able to buy advertising space against its core audiences, within Sky Go’s live linear channels, including Sky 1, Sky Sports News and Sky Atlantic.

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    Multimedia counts down to UPC take-over

    The Polish cable operator Multimedia Polska is adopting a “business as usual” approach ahead of its acquisition by UPC Polska.

    Commenting on the company’s latest set of results, its president Andrzej Rogowski said that a decision on the take-over is likely to be made by the competition authority UOKiK in the next few months. He also revealed that the company is looking for a buyer for its utility business, something that UPC Polska is not interested in.

    Multimedia Polska saw its RGU total grow by 2.5% to 1.69 million in 2016, with most of the increase down to higher take-up of TV and internet services. It ended the year with 783,200 telecom subscribers, with 346,000 opting for one service, 316,000 for two and 121,000 for at least three. ARPU stood at PLN68.4 (€15.8), up from PLN66.8 a year earlier.

    Multimedia Polska’s revenues in 2016 amounted to PLN699.2 million, down 0.2% on the previous year. However, TV revenues increased by 3.6% to PLN363.5 million and internet revenues by 0.1% to PLN223.8 million.

    TV accounted for over half (52%) of the company’s revenues in 2016, followed by the internet (32%), telephony (13.1%) and other sources (2.9%). EBITDA was PLN341.43 million, down from PLN356.9 million a year earlier, a net revenues amounted to PLN21.5 million.

    Multimedia Polska invested a total of PLN224.3 million in 2016.

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    ANGA COM 2017 releases congress agenda

    ANGA COM has released a preview of its congress agenda that lists a total of 27 expert panel. Already now, 420 exhibitors have registered for the exhibition.

    This year, the joint opening discussion with the media congress Medienforum NRW is composed with especially high-level representatives of the broadband and media industry: Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter (CEO, Vodafone Germany), Niek Jan van Damme (Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Telekom), Anke Schäferkordt (CEO, Media Group RTL Deutschland), Carsten Schmidt (CEO, Sky Deutschland), Ronny Verhelst (CEO, Tele Columbus) and Christoph Vilanek (CEO, freenet). The discussion takes place under the headline Gigabit, 4K and Over the Top: Broadband and Media under Disruption.

    Highlight of the international congress track with 14 panels in English is the International Television & Broadband Summit. Speakers are: Yvette Kanouff (Senior Vice President / General Manager Service Provider Business, Cisco), Gerhard Mack (Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Vodafone Germany), Steve McCaffery (President International, ARRIS Group), Mads Arnbjoern Rasmussen (CTO of Huawei Europe, Huawei) and Dr. Dirk Wössner (President, Consumer Business Unit, Rogers Communications).

    Media topics of the congress agenda include the keywords AppTV and OTT, HD and UHDTV, DVB-T2, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Personalized TV and copy right. The broadband panels focus on gigabit networks, new cooperation models, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi, Internet of Things, Smart Home and Smart City.

    This year, ANGA COM moves into two new exhibition halls and the modern CongressCenter North. Another new feature is an open air plaza with food trucks. Already now, 420 exhibitors have registered.

    Dr. Peter Charissé, Managing Director of ANGA COM: “With the relocation we will reach a completely new level regarding appearance, convenience and logistics. The feedback of our exhibitors to the new concept is fantastic; many of them have increased their stand space. What makes ANGA COM so specific is the combination of broadband and media.”

    As in the previous year, the third day is designed as Broadband Theme Day with free access for all visitors upon prior online registration. On this Thursday, the agenda focuses on infrastructure topics and equally addresses cable and fiber network operators. The topics of the eight strategy and technology panels include regulatory issues for the gigabit society, cooperation models for the broadband roll-out, Smart City, Smart Home, Internet of Things and DOCSIS 3.1.

    Cooperation partners of the theme day are: Bitkom Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, BREKO Broadband Association, BUGLAS Association of Fiber Network Operators, VATM Association of Telecommunications and ZVEI.

    An admission ticket to the exhibition costs 22 Euros for three days upon prior online registration (ticket office on-site: 35 Euros), congress season tickets start at 100 Euros, on 1 June 2017 the exhibition and congress are completely free of charge upon prior online registration. All tickets for the complete congress programme of ANGA COM also grant access to all congress panels of the Medienforum NRW.

    In 2016, ANGA COM ended with an outstanding result of 450 exhibitors and 18,000 participants from 76 countries. With that, the Exhibition and Congress achieved a 52 percent share of international visitors as well as a visitor increase by 6 percent. ANGA COM thereby provides a broadband and audiovisual media focused market place for network operators, vendors and content providers all over Europe.

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    Sky Media launches second phase of programmatic rollout

    Sky Media, the Sky pay TV group’s advertising sales arm, has launched the second phase of its move into programmatic selling of commercial space.

    Sky Media launched a pilot programmatic programme earlier this year in partnership with Omnicom. The second phase of the project will see the pay TV outfit’s programmatic platform, Sky AVx – which stands for Audio Visual Exchange – expand the range of platfomrs and inventory available. Specifically, Sky AVx will enable buyers to buyers to purchase spots and make decisions in real-time on its own TV channels and video-on-demand assets in an automated way.

    The initial phase of the project saw Omnicom purchase ads programmatically via Sky Go’s live stream. Omnicom was able to buy advertising space against its core audiences, within Sky Go’s live linear channels, including Sky 1, Sky Sports News and Sky Atlantic.

    Sky said that the Sky Go live TV broadcast trial was the first phase on a roadmap that includes VOD, media partner extensions and in time, the full range of Sky’s broadcast platforms.

    Sky said that the platform it has built in partnership with Videology is compliant with the guidelines issued by Clearcast, the joint venture set up by UK broadcasters to check advertising copy.

    Graeme Hutcheson, director of digital and Sky AdSmart of Sky said: “Sky is on a journey to deliver a programmatic solution in the efficient, effective, measurable and brand safe environments advertisers demand – these first steps are significant and will allow real-time ad-decisions to be made in a live broadcast environment for the first time.”

    Harriet Perry, general manager of Omnicom’s programmatic unit Accuen said: “For the first time, the UK market will be able to tap into the £5 billion [€5.7 billion] TV industry using programmatic technologies. This means that clients are now able to make more informed buying decisions, in real time, during live TV broadcasts. We’re thrilled to be Sky’s exclusive partner for the launch of Sky AVx and help to deliver programmatic TV, something that has been highly anticipated in the UK.”

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    Telefónica, Vodafone FTTH alliance

    Telcos Telefónica and Vodafone have reached a breakthrough agreement over FTTH whereby Vodafone will be able to use Telefónica’s FTTH networks in exchange for a fee over a five-year period.

    The deal will enable Vodafone to have access to its rival’s FTTH networks in the largest 66 cities in the country where Telefónica was not previously able to share its infrastructure, thus allowing Vodafone to reach a greater number of potential subscribers. Overall, Telefónica currently has over 17 million FTTH passed homes.

    For Vodafone, this deal means the company will be able to reach more homes with FTTH and will not have to invest in deploying FTTH networks. For Telefónica, it will get fixed revenues from Vodafone for the access to the networks making a quicker return on investment.

    To avoid a possible ban on the agreement from the CNMC, both companies have said that the deal is also open to third parties, such as Orange.

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    Is UHD Ready for Primetime?

    Although UHD is starting to come much more into focus, the next-gen TV format is not quite ready for its close-up yet.

    Over the past couple of years, 4K-ready TV sets have begun flooding the retail market around the world. In the latest projections by IHS Inc. , for instance, consumer electronics manufacturers will ship slightly more than 17.6 million 4K TVs in North America this year, up from 11.7 million last year and 6.3 million sets in 2015. IHS projections call for that number to climb to more than 25.9 million TVs by 2020.

    Further, in what it called "a banner year for 4K UHD TV," the Consumer Technology Association (formerly the Consumer Electronics Association) estimates that holiday shipments of 4K TVs reached 4.5 million units in the US last fall and accounted for 56% of all TV sales. The CTA also notes that the 4K UHD Blu-ray format sold its millionth disc last October, generating more than $25 million in consumer spending.

    At the same time, UHD programming has been making its way onto more TV channels and pay-TV and OTT services. In two of the latest prominent examples, Fox Sports began broadcasting 4K sporting events on DirecTV last month and Layer3 TV started offering live, on-demand 4K science and nature programming earlier this month.

    Moreover, the technical standards process for high dynamic range (HDR) and other imaging enhancements to UHD has been steadily moving along. As a result, IHS projects that US shipments of 4K TVs supporting HDR enhancements will scale 30 million units by 2020. (See TV's Paradox: No HDR Without 4K and Hurdles Ahead for 4K, HDR.)

    Nevertheless, all that progress doesn't mean that UHD is ready for primetime quite yet. Nor will it be in the next year or two. Several looming obstacles remain, including the high bandwidth demands of UHD, the still limited amount of UHD content available and the drumbeat for greater security protection of premium services.

    In a special breakfast workshop next week, we will look at what still stands in UHD's way and gauge the prospects for the coming UHD transition. The workshop, sponsored by Verimatrix Inc. , will feature leading tech executives from Layers3TV, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and Verimatrix, among others. It will take place on the morning of Tuesday, March 21, just before the opening of our two-day Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies conference at the Curtis Hotel in Denver.

    So, if you'll be in Denver next week sign up now for the What Still Stands in UHD'S Way workshop. It will sharpen your view of the 4K picture.

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    20% US pay-TV subs dissatisfied with service

    Research from market research and consulting company Parks Associates reveals that 20 per cent of US pay-TV subscribers say they are dissatisfied with their pay-TV service, representing a 100 per cent increase since early 2013. The firm’s report – TV Services: Changing the Channel Package – indicates that only one-third of pay-TV subscribers are very satisfied with their pay-TV service, a drop from 57 per cent who indicated very high satisfaction levels in 2013.

    “High satisfaction with pay-TV has dropped across all providers,” said Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research, Parks Associates. “Telco services have seen the highest drop in highly satisfied customers compared to cable and satellite providers. The plummeting satisfaction levels ultimately affect service/channel package upgrades, cord cutting, engagement, and perception of operator-driven service changes (e.g., dropped or added channels).”

    Five per cent of US broadband households have never subscribed to a pay-TV service, according to Parks Associates’ 360 View Update: Pay TV and the Reality of Cord Cutting. Adoption declines are most notable among younger heads of household; the average age of pay-TV subscribers is older now than in 2014.

    “The pay-TV industry continues to experience worldwide growth, but the North American market is experiencing a decline in penetration,” advised Sappington. “A combination of factors, including high monthly fees and a wide selection of OTT services, are pushing consumers away from traditional pay-TV. Operators are now adjusting their strategies to address this new environment, including partnering with OTT video services or launching their own independent OTT services. Our research also shows that promotional options, including free or subsidised CPE, could entice potential Cord Cutters or Cord Shavers to keep their services.”

    Over 63 million US broadband households subscribe to an OTT video service, and 36 per cent of US broadband households have at least one streaming media player. The firm announced the top 10 list of subscription OTT video services for the US market at the end of 2016, which included Netflix, Amazon Video (Amazon Prime), Hulu, MLB.TV, WWE Network, Sling TV, HBO Now, Crunchyroll, Showtime, and CBS All Access.

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    MTG exits the Baltics

    Modern Times Group (MTG) has signed an agreement to sell its free-TV, pay-TV, digital and radio businesses in the Baltic region to Providence Equity Partners.

    The transaction values 100% of the business at an enterprise value of €115 million (approximately SEK1,094 million), which is 12x FY 2016 EBIT.

    The Baltic businesses have been reported within MTG’s international entertainment segment and contributed SEK1,024 million in sales and SEK91 million in operating income (EBIT) in the full year 2016. Closing of the sale to Providence Equity Partners is subject to regulatory approvals.

    In a statement, MTG says that it reflects the company’s ongoing transformation from a traditional national broadcaster into a global digital entertainer, capitalising on rapid changes in consumers’ media consumption habits. It will use the proceeds from the sale to transform the company further.

    Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG president & CEO, said: “We have been in the Baltic region for two decades, and our very dedicated and professional colleagues have built a successful business here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our local team for an extraordinary performance over the years.

    “We are on a journey to build an even stronger presence in the global digital arena, and I am happy that we have found a buyer that shares our view of the potential of the Baltic businesses. Our Baltic colleagues can look forward to a new era that taps the full possibilities of the Baltic media market.”

    Karim Tabet, MD at Providence, added: “MTG’s Baltic broadcasting businesses are all leaders in their respective areas and we’re excited to partner with such a talented group of people to grow the company together. After our acquisition of Bite in 2016, this transaction highlights Providence’s continued commitment to investing in the Baltic region.”

    Robert Sudo, MD at Providence, contimued: “Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are all among the fastest growing countries in the EU. The business friendly environment combined with a highly skilled workforce make the Baltics an exciting region for us. We are looking forward to working together with MTG Baltic’s management and employees over the coming years.”

    Broadband TV News notes that this is the latest move by MTG to sell its assets in Central and Eastern Europe. Most recently, these have included its 50% stake in the Czech national commercial broadcaster Prima.

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