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Inadequate search turning off viewers Viewers are frustrated at their inability to find anything to watch and platforms that push

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    Inadequate search turning off viewers

    Viewers are frustrated at their inability to find anything to watch and platforms that push paid for content in their recommendation.

    Drawing on data from Rovi’s global research programme, Charles Dawes, senior director international marketing, said early search systems were largely to blame.

    According to the research a third of viewers worldwide can’t find anything to watch, a key reason when cord cutting is on the agenda.They’re spending some 19 minutes a day looking for what they want.

    Seven per cent admit to simply giving up when they can’t find anything to watch, a figure that stands at 30% in the supposedly content rich UK.

    80% of viewers in the United States and 79% in the UK are aware of a search tool, but only 18% actually use it. People feel the search takes too long, with too many clicks required.

    In the survey there were claims that people would pay extra for additional search functionality including voice. “If you can say what you want to watch and the system can get back to you, how much more simple can you get than that,” said Dawes.

    On the reluctance to use recommendation engines a quarter said it was irrelevant. Others said it was too focused on on demand content. In the US the top reason (for 22pc) was that the recommendations were based too much on what had been watched already.

    Dawes said on demand was becoming the preferred method for viewing. “We live in a world where on demand has to be available on as many devices as you physically have.”

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    US shows strong growth in connected TVs

    US households continue to connect their television sets to the internet at a rapid pace, and they’re doing so using a greater variety of devices.

    The 2016 Magid Media Futures Video Entertainment Study from Frank N. Magid Associates indicates 74% of online consumers now have what’s considered a Connected TV — that’s up sharply from 59% a year ago.

    Until recently, video gaming consoles stood alone in first as the top device to bring online video to the TV. Now they essentially share that lead with Internet streaming device category (e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google’s Chromecast).

    “We’ve seen the proliferation of Internet streaming devices increase by more than half over the past year,” said Maryann Baldwin, vice president of Magid Media Futures.

    “Consumers realize they can choose from solid products from brands they trust — and at affordable price points. We expect to see this surge in popularity continue.”

    At the same time, Smart TVs also continue to make big strides in the US; they’re just behind video game consoles and Internet streaming devices as a means by which consumers can watch video on their TV screen.

    “Regardless of how they’re connecting for video programming or movies, we’re witnessing a real shift back toward the TV set as the primary screen in US households,” said Baldwin.

    “Mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones all play their role, but there’s still much to be said for the shared experience of watching together on the largest screen.”

    Watching video entertainment on the television goes hand in hand with a willingness to pay for that programming. In fact, the majority of TV-screen streamers now prefer a paid model for their TV show and movie viewing. Consumers’ willingness to pay a monthly subscription fee for programming without commercials integrated tends to be lower among those who would be paying to watch on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

    What’s more, TV shows and movies are the gold standard of premium content online. More of those who watch TV shows and movies online in the U.S. do so via a paid subscription (75%) than through free sources (68%).

    “Streaming video on demand services have succeeded in creating an experience that is superior enough to non-pay sources that consumers are willing to pay for that experience to view their desired content,” said Jill Rosengard Hill, SVP at Magid.

    “That experience entails great search capabilities, multiplatform access, and often an ad-free presentation.”

    The growing usage of streaming video is linked closely with the increasing availability of quality original content. Among a range of viewing options offered in the study, original SVOD programming stands out as the one consumers are most likely to take advantage of on a growing basis. Nearly 40% of these viewers expect to spend more time with this content in the next six months, compared with only 10% who say they will watch this way less often. Following closely behind original series in momentum is binge viewing.

    “Eight in ten of those who stream content to their TV watch original series from SVOD services,” said Hill.

    “That includes Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, along with a growing number of services like NBCUniversal’s Seeso. The momentum behind this content attachment tells us the rapid growth will only accelerate in the coming months.”

    The Magid Video Entertainment Study findings indicate password sharing has a lot to do with expanding engagement with SVOD brands. That’s certainly true for Netflix, but it also plays a significant role for lesser-known services such as CBS All Access, Sling TV, and YouTube Red (all of which double their viewing base with password sharing included).

    The Magid Video Entertainment study has tracked and captured emerging consumer attitudes and behaviors related to television entertainment for more than 15 years, beginning with the early days of digital and high-definition television, the advent of On Demand, and DVRs. The research has expanded over the past few years to include the adoption and growing use of streaming entertainment and Connected TV. The 2016 study was conducted in March, surveying 1,600 online consumers ages 8 and older. The study covers use of wired and mobile devices, video streaming platforms and brand attitudes, genre preferences, early viewpoints on virtual reality, and future purchase and viewing intentions, and other related topics.

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    June launch for S4C HD

    Welsh language channel S4C will launch its high definition service on June 7, but the new channel won’t immediately be available on DTT.

    S4C had to close its HD service, Clirlun, in 2012 following significant cuts to the channel’s budget. Although S4C still faces a period of cuts and financial uncertainty, chief executive Ian Jones says that the importance of HD means it’s no longer viable for S4C to continue broadcasting without HD.

    “We are grateful that the UK Government has maintained S4C’s budget at the same level as 2015/16 for next year, which has helped us in this respect. The rest of the money has had to come from our wider budget. The UK Government has announced that they will hold an independent review of S4C starting next year and, naturally, funding is going to be an important part of this. Ensuring that the channel remains relevant and competitive is a huge consideration and our hope is that the Review will take this in to consideration.”

    S4C HD will be available on Freesat and Sky in Wales and across the UK; it will provide coverage of international rugby, Wales’ historic Euro 2016 matches and drama including Y Gwyll.

    However, HD coverage of Euro 2016 will only be available over.

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    AirBeamTV launches Mac screen mirroring to Samsung TVs

    AirBeamTV, a Dutch Mac software development company, has released the Mirror for Samsung TV application in the Mac App Store.

    The application has the capability to wirelessly mirror the screen of a Mac computer directly on any Samsung Smart TV, without the need for any additional hardware. Previously, this functionality was only available to Mac users after they bought an AppleTV with AirPlay technology and connected it to their TV. Or, alternatively, used an HDMI cable to connect their Mac to the TV.

    “After launching the application on the Mac, the app will scan your local network for a Samsung Smart TV”, explains Demid Borodin, co-founder and director of Technology.

    “When your TV is found, with a click of a button, the screen of your Mac is mirrored on TV. You can even choose whether you would like the audio of your Mac to be transferred to your TV as well.”

    “This is ideal for watching movies on a big TV screen instead of on your laptop”, claims Jan van Ottele, co-founder and managing director.

    “Also, during our limited user trials, we had a substantial number of business users who used the app in meetings to share a presentation or spreadsheet with colleagues.”

    The company is currently working on support for additional TV brands, however launches dates for Sony, Philips, Panasonic and LG Smart TVs cannot be confirmed yet. Mirror for Samsung TV is available on the Mac App Store for $9.99.

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    Sir Martin Sorrell to keynote IBC 2016

    Global advertising and marketing guru Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, is to deliver keynote address at IBC 2016. Sir Martin will take to the stage at RAI Amsterdam on Friday 9 September.

    In his keynote Sir Martin will address current trends in the world of media alongside the role of content, data and technology.

    Under Sir Martin’s leadership, WPP has become the world’s largest communications services group. It is in the FTSE 100 and employs some 194,000 people (including associates and investments) working across 150 companies in 112 countries. In addition to advertising and media companies, including Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Y&R and MediaCom, Sir Martin has ramped up WPP’s investments in data analysis and advertising technology through Kantar, to better position WPP with the growing power of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon).

    The IBC 2016 conference is entitled Transformation in the Digital Era: Leadership, strategy and creativity in media and entertainment. More than 300 speakers are expected to attend the IBC Conference to share insights on key issues at the heart of the entertainment, media and technology sector.

    This year’s conference includes a new stream, Audiences and Advertising, which will seek to explore many of the changes and trends taking place with how people access and consume content and how all that content is paid for.

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    Virgin announces 10 communities to be supercharged

    Virgin Media has unveiled 10 communities to receive ultrafast broadband with speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

    The 10 communities, chosen by local residents and businesses, are being upgraded as part of Virgin’s £3 billion (€3.87 billion) Project Lighting network expansion programme. Local residents were encouraged to vote to receive the upgrade as part of the ‘Supercharging Local Communities’ initiative.

    The top 10 communities are: Kirknewton (West Lothian); Houston, Crosslee, Craigends and Brookfield (Renfrewshire); Bridge of Weir (Renfrewshire); Ratby (Leicestershire); Wilsden (West Yorkshire); Kilmacolm (Inverclyde); Stoke Poges (Buckinghamshire); Lightwater (Surrey); Hartley Wintney and Phoenix Green (Hampshire) and Oakley (Dorset).

    Some 7,000 votes were cast in March and April this year.

    Paul Buttery, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media, said: “This is truly people-powered connectivity. The collective support and demand from across the UK has exceeded our expectations and we’re delighted to be supercharging these 10 areas with ultrafast fibre broadband and top notch entertainment. Investing and delivering better connectivity in these communities shows that ultrafast broadband isn’t just for the big cities – we urge more communities to come together and register their interest.”

    For residents, Virgin Media’s Vivid 200 broadband offers the fastest widely available broadband – with download speeds of up to 200Mbps.
    For businesses, Virgin Media Business now offers ultrafast connectivity, with speeds of up to 300Mbps – almost four times faster than its main competitors’ widely available top speeds.

    This FTTP expansion uses an innovative way of bringing ultrafast broadband to people’s homes with minimal disruption. The approach, called narrow-trenching, reduces the width of the trench used to lay optical fibre cables from around 40cm to just 10cm and enables engineers to cover up to 100m in a day, making it more than twice as fast as current methods. A similar technique has been used recently in Leicester where Virgin Media is connecting six villages.

    As network expansion continues across the country, voting for the Supercharging Local Communities initiative has now reopened across 18 UK counties with more communities to be announced later this year. The site can be found at: Cable my street

    The 18 counties are: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Dorset, Glamorgan, Hampshire, Leicestershire, North Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Renfrewshire, Rhondda, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, West Lothian, West Yorkshire, Worcestershire.

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    Eurochannel launches on Du in the UAE

    Eurochannel is now available in the United Arab Emirates through telecommunications service provider Du.

    The European movie channel is available on Du English Basic and French Basic packages.

    “We are excited to bring a selection of award-winning films, series and music artists from across Europe in alliance with Eurochannel on our English Basic and French Basic packages. This alliance aligns with our objective of bringing international content and TV channels to local audiences and to present them with more choice of content.” said Fahad Al Hassawi, CCO, Du.

    Elaborating upon the partnership, Gustavo Vainstein, Eurochannel’s CEO said, “Eurochannel continues its vast expansion across international borders thanks to the launch of our channel in the Middle East. Our partnership with du has proved essential for as we share the same vigor and collaborative spirit to bring quality and curated entertainment to millions of residents throughout the United Arab Emirates on a major pay TV provider. Together, du and Eurochannel will offer the best of European cinema.”

    To celebrate its launch on Du, Eurochannel will offer special programming in May with an Italian month theme.

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    Slovakia set for DVB-T2 move

    Slovakia’s fourth DTT multiplex will start the switch to DVB-T2 on June 28.

    Speaking to Zive, Zsolt Nagy, the technical director of the national transmission company Towercom, said that viewers would begin to see changes on their screens from the beginning of September.

    The fourth multiplex carries the pay-DTT service Plustelka and Nagy added that none of its channels were likely to be dropped following the transition.

    Indeed, new ones, some in HD, may be added as the multiplex’s capacity is increased from 22 Mbps to 36 Mbps.

    Nagy also said that as most viewers will have to replace their set-top boxes to continue receiving Plustelka, Towercom has prepared a special offer providing one at a discounted price.

    The fourth multiplex currently covers around 80% of Slovakia and Nagy also said he expected to cost of receiving the basic Plustelka package to remain unchanged at €5.99 a month.

    There are at present no plans to move the country’s other multiplexes to DVB-T2.

    Significantly, Markiza TV, Slovakia’s leading broadcaster, has a DVB-T distribution contract valid until the end of this year. At this stage it remains to be seen if it will be extended.

    Only around 10% of Slovak households use DTT as the their main source of TV reception.

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    Greece finds OTE privatisation formula

    government has come up with a plan for the further privatisation of the incumbent telco OTE.

    Ekathimerini reports that under it the Finance Ministry will transfer its 5% stake to the state privatisation fund TAIPED.

    The latter well then retain 1%, with the remaining 4% going to the Social Security Foundation (IAK).

    This will meet the demands of the country’s creditors while at the same time preserve the state’s shareholding rights to OTE, which is majority owned by Deutsche Telekom.

    Ekathimerini notes that an agreement struck in 2008 provides the Greek state with special rights, such as a higher number of seats on the board despite its relatively low participation in OTE’s share capital (10%, versus Deutsche Telekom’s 40%). It also gives the Greek state veto rights.

    OTE provides pay-TV services in its home market and in Romania, where it holds a majority (54%) stake in the incumbent Telekom Romania.

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    IHS: Pay-TV booms in Middle East

    2015 was the year of growth for the pay-TV market in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to a new report from IHS.

    The report, entitled Middle East and North Africa Pay TV Market Monitor, says the number of pay-TV households jumped 10 percent in 2015 to 4.95 million. In the 13 countries covered by the annual report, revenues from pay-TV passed the billion-euro mark for the first time.

    Revenues from primary households’ subscriptions grew 37%, from €852 million in 2014 to €1.17 billion in 2015, the report noted. “Pay-TV in the Middle East and North Africa region is growing rapidly and faster than any other region we analyse,” said Constantinos Papavassilopoulos, senior analyst, IHS Technology.

    IHS forecasts that pay-TV subscribers will increase to 6.54 million by the end of 2020, up 32 percent on the end of 2015 and representing a CAGR of 6% over the five-year period.

    IHS expects that the positive drive of the pay-TV market will continue persistently for the next five years, with revenues almost doubling to just over €2 billion in that time frame. The growth will be due to the enhanced level of competition between the major operators, the introduction of TV Audience Ratings Systems in the Gulf States, the expansion of fibre networks, which facilitate the offering of premium pay-TV services and the growth of the SVoD OTT services.

    The opening of the Iranian TV market, a largely untapped market for pay-TV business, is providing a wealth of opportunities for the regional operators. According to local data sources, 71% of TV household in Tehran are equipped with a satellite dish. But there are still barriers to be surpassed.

    “The online-video market is very nascent,” Papavassilopoulos said. “IHS put broadband penetration at 56% of households at the end 2015. However, due to the Iranian government policy of regulating access to the internet for its citizens, broadband speeds are lower than in neighboring Arab states. Content will also have to be carefully chosen to appeal to the Iranian audience. Simply repurposing content that was made for wider Arabic audiences will not work for Iran.”

    There is optimism both inside Iran and internationally that the lifting of sanctions will put added pressure on the government to relieve some of these restrictions, according to the IHS report. IHS forecasts that TV advertising revenues can grow from $275 million in 2015 to $627 million in 2020 if the normalisation of trade between Iran and the rest of the world continues. “The TV market would benefit hugely,” Papavassilopoulos said. “Our forecast figures would represent a healthy CAGR of 18%.”


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