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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

Content providers team up with Cable/CTAM Europe HBO Europe and Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe have become the first

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    Content providers team up with Cable/CTAM Europe

    HBO Europe and Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe have become the first companies to sign up to what is described as a new type of associate membership with Cable Europe and CTAM Europe.

    Speaking at a press conference on the opening day of Cable Congress 2015, Manuel Kohnstamm, president, Cable Europe and SVP and chief policy officer, Liberty Global Europe, said that a relationship with content providers has been on the agenda for a long time and now was the right time to engage in such a strategic bond.

    In a Q&A session, he dismissed suggestions that there is a natural antagonism between the two parts of the industry and also said there are possibilities of cooperation in regulatory issues such as copyright, with the latter point being echoed by Matthias Kurth, executive chairman, Cable Europe.

    Commenting on the development, Stefan Liebig, VP content, distribution and sales Northern Europe, Viacom International Media Networks, said: “Closer cooperation between cable and content drives growth for all players in the ecosystem and deliver a better experience for consumers. We’re excited to be teaming up with cable operators and other content players.”

    Alek Kutela, senior VP of marketing at HBO Europe, added: “We are delighted to partner with Cable Europe and CTAM Europe and we look forward to working together in the future.”

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    Cable Europe gives policy insights

    Cable Europe favours the principles of an open internet, but only in a way that still makes innovation possible, according to Matthias Kurth, its executive chairman.

    Speaking in a press conference on the opening day of Cable Congress 2015, he added that new services will in the future need special treatment, otherwise they won’t function.

    Kurth also said that Cable Europe wants to see principles embedded but not prescriptive. Ultimately, it hopes Europe is “more rational and flexible than the US”.

    Commenting on copyright, Kurth said that accessing content on different devices and in different countries within a single market is an issue that Cable Congress is closely following. Although it is not asking for new regulation, there is a necessity to come together and find common rules for the future.
    Kurth also spoke about the need for a level playing field with OTT players.

    Furthermore, he spoke about the importance of investment for sound projects.

    Subsidies were only needed in exceptional circumstances.

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    Kabel Deutschland expands VOD reach

    Germany’s largest cable operator Kabel Deutschland has rolled out its video-on-demand (VOD) service Select Video to further 300,000 households.

    The new towns covered include Bayreuth, Buxtehude, Erlangen, Gera, Jever, Michendorf, Mühlhausen, Nordhorn, Potsdam, Sonthofen and Uelzen.

    In addition to the video store offering movies mostly at the same time as their DVD release, Select Video contains catch-up content from more than 50 TV channels such as RTL, Sat.1, ProSieben, VOX, Disney Channel, History HD, Syfy and TNT Serie.

    5.5 million households in over 140 towns can now access Select Video. Kabel Deutschland wants to add catch-up programmes from further TV channels and a children’s section to its VOD service soon.

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    OTT: CableLabs and Liberty voice contrasting views

    OTT services meet a need for customers and from the standpoint of the cable industry it is “working to get it all in one place”, according to Phil McKinney, president and CEO, CableLabs.

    However, speaking in a panel discussion entitled Technology trends and new frontiers, Balan Nair, CTO, Liberty Global, contradicted this by saying that almost every cable company is now thinking of introducing a stand alone SVOD product.

    In its case, Liberty’s Swiss operator UPC Cablecom launched a service named My Prime last year.

    Separately, asked about the future prospects for 4k services, McKinney said that there was currently not enough differentiation with HD for consumers to make the switch.

    However, he added that the commercial launch of 8k, which has unique features, remains on track for 2020.

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    RTL wants to work with cable

    RTL Group’s CEO Guillaume de Poche is reaching out to cable operators to cooperate creating opportunities in the changing world of television.

    The broadcaster is meeting the challenges with a number of new initiatives including creating branded premium channels, S-VOD services and platforms for short-form videos.

    “We have the know how to create new channels and brands,” said De Poche, naming the joint venture with CBS in South-East Asia as an example of creating new channels for cable with content from CBS and RTL Group’s Fremantle.

    In the nonlinear world, RTL also has VOD rights and digital brands across platforms. “SVOD portals are a new competitor for us,” so the broadcaster needs to be part of that game as well.

    RTL Group also heavily invests in Low costs short form videos. In Germany, the broadcaster is active with its Clipfish portals.

    Last year, the company acquired an US company, SpotXchange, which specialises in auction-based sales based on real-time bidding, now processing billions of transactions a day.

    In this field, De Posch also expects to work together with cable operators, “Cable companies have consumer data on managed platforms, we can bring targeted advertising with worldwide programmatic exchange to the venture, so
    we can build additional business together.”

    With Netflix the RTL Group has a schizophrenic relationship, “We are competitors for the distribution side with them, but on the production side Freemantle just sold a TV series for SVOD to them.”

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    International Interactive TV Awards winners announced

    The ceremony of the International ITV Awards 2015 took place in the Ericsson studio in Paris.

    For the first time in the history of the Awards, the 10th Ceremony of The International Interactive TV Awards was broadcas live on the web and the show attracted all the Key players of the interactive and media industry worldwide.

    Winners of the International ITV Awards 2015 are:

    Best Advertising and T Commerce
    Teleshopping Application HbbTV – Wiztivi – France

    Best Connected TV Service
    iPlayer – BBC – UK

    Best Enhanced TV Service
    Freeview Plus – Freeview – Australia

    Best Multiscreen Service
    Xfinity TV – Comcast – USA

    Best Social TV Service
    SYNC 2 TV – Visiware – France

    Best User Experience
    Stoneroos Companion App – Stoneroos – Netherlands

    Best Innovation and Technology
    OpenTV 5 HTML5 connectware – Nagra – Switzerland

    AFDESI Grand Prix
    Viaccess-Orca – France

    Special Jury Prize
    Stingray Music – Stingray – Canada

    Jury consisted of Janine Langlois Glandier (Forum Media Mobiles), Robert Briel (Broadband TV News), Serge Siritzky (Ecran Total), Thierry Ventouras (Radio Television Suisse) and Boris Martin (ABMWare).

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    RTL unifies German pay-TV assets

    German commercial broadcast group Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland has unified the shareholding structure of its pay-TV channels.

    RTL Television GmbH has taken over the 49.6% stake of TV production company UFA in Passion GmbH on December 31, 2014, an RTL spokesman told Broadband TV News. RTL Television GmbH which previously held 50.4% has, thus, become the sole shareholder.

    Passion GmbH which operates pay-TV channel Passion was at the same time merged into RTL Television GmbH and consequently ceased to exist. Like RTL’s other pay-TV channels RTL Crime, RTL Living and GEO Television, Passion is now fully owned and operated by RTL Television GmbH.

    German anti-media concentration commission KEK approved the transaction at its latest assembly in Berlin on March 10, 2015.

    As Passion used to be co-owned by UFA, it didn’t carry the RTL brand in its name in contrast to RTL Crime and RTL Living which were 100% RTL subsidiaries from day one. Despite the revised shareholding, a name change to RTL Passion is currently not planned, according to the RTL spokesman.

    Both RTL and UFA are part of German media company Bertelsmann.

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    OSN seals HBO deal to bring new Games of Thrones to MENA

    DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 12 March 2015

    Middle East pay-TV network OSN has extended its partnership with HBO for first and exclusive content in the Arab world, including the new series of Game of Thrones, to air at the same time as it premiers in the US.

    Game of Thrones - OSN HBO partnershipThe agreement also covers the first airing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) of new shows – comedies Togetherness, Ballers and The Brink, and sci-fi/Western thriller Westworld – and eight other returning series, including True Detective, The Leftovers, Girls, Veep and Silicon Valley.

    "HBO has set an industry benchmark in global television with its accomplished track-record of award-winning content. Our partnership with HBO for first and exclusive telecast rights delivers tremendous value to our subscribers by bringing premium programming at the same time as in the US," said David Butorac, CEO, OSN.

    The new shows will join other HBO's award-winning series, mini-series, TV movies, comedies and documentaries already showing on the pay-TV platform – or available on the OSN On Demand service.

    Charles Schreger, president of programming sales, HBO, added: "It has always been our priority to deliver added value for our viewers in the MENA region through the exclusive partnership with OSN. In 2015, we are strengthening our line-up of exclusive shows, and bringing many of them to OSN subscribers at the same time as in the US."

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    Freesat bolsters subscription-free entertainment channels

    DetailsEditor | 12 March 2015

    The Freesat subscription-free satellite TV service in the UK has added two new time-shift channels from Sky - Pick+1 and Challenge+1 - to its bouquet.

    The former is said to guarantee 'easy-to-watch telly with a window to real life and unashamedly escapist entertainment'. Popular programmes include The Dog Whisperer, A Town Called Eureka and Criminal Minds. Challenge+1 is the home of cult competition and game shows such as the classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Pointless and TNA: Impact Wrestling.

    Freesat says that the launches signal its continued commitment to offer free TV viewers the best subscription-free service in the UK. "We're [now] able to bring our viewers more choice than ever across film, lifestyle, music and children's programming," said Freesat marketing and communications director Paul Gilshan. "We're excited to add Pick+1 and Challenge+1 to Freesat's ever-expanding entertainment line-up, guaranteeing free TV viewers will never be short of something great to watch."

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    Multi-taskers engage differently across multiple devices

    DetailsEditor | 12 March 2015

    Attempting to gain insight into viewer behaviours in a multi-device environment, a YuMe study commissioned by Nielsen has found that multi-taskers exhibit differing levels of engagement on multiple devices.

    yiumenielsenThe research experiment was designed to explore how viewers engage with devices when put in situations that are conducive for multi-tasking, in order to address the issue of how device interactions can provide the greatest value for brand advertisers.

    To understand the individual behaviours within multi-tasking, the online advertising firm commissioned Nielsen to conduct in-lab observations across 200 respondents over a two-month period from October to November 2014, in which video consumers were instructed to engage with any of the devices as they would naturally at home for 20 uninterrupted minutes.

    The survey found that even for multi-taskers, TV was still the initial medium of choice, but some participants quickly switched their attention, opting to begin seeking out content on other devices. In the experimental environment, TV provided a constant background, even if the participants were not interested in the specific programme that was airing at the time and choosing to engage with content on other devices; the shift to other devices typically happened within the first few minutes.

    Even though television was the most used device, used 53% across all respondents, the participants spent less than half of that time paying attention to it while it was on. Attention to television dropped from over half of multi-taskers to under 20% of multi-taskers in the first four minutes.

    In the study, of all the ads that were shown, 30% of ads on TV were seen, compared with 71% of those on laptops. For tablets this rose to 93%. Furthermore a campaign served to the same number of multi-tasking consumers on each device would be seen by more than twice as many viewers on laptops and more than three times as many on tablets or smartphones than on TV. Pre-roll was generally more effective than mid-roll at ensuring multi-tasking viewers were attentive to advertising.

    Yet when a participant found content they were interested in watching on television, they were much more likely to maintain their focus on the TV set.

    "No one is debating that consumers are multi-tasking. This ethnographic study was specifically designed to garner insights into users' behaviours and preferences while multi-tasking," commented YuMe director of research Paul Neto. "Despite distraction levels among consumers, it will be important for brand advertisers to continue running campaigns cross-screen, as viewers continue to show they are also attentive on laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones while 'watching' TV."


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