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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

NTV-Plus launches new football app July 23, 2013 08.31 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul The Russian DTH platform NTV-Plus has launched

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    NTV-Plus launches new football app
    July 23, 2013 08.31 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    The Russian DTH platform NTV-Plus has launched a new iOS mobile app for its Futbol-Plus service.
    With it, reports TelecomDaily, viewers will be able to access a wide range of football including the Russian Championship Cup, Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, Primera Division and Serie A at a stream rate of 2.5Mbps.
    The app is available for free and will be enhanced with new features in September.
    Three other Futbol-Plus apps already exist for Android smartphones and tablets and NTV-Plus has also operated a special website offering free football broadcasts for over a year.
    Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in Russia with MTS, ER Telecom’s and more recently Vimpelcom’s Beeline TV already having ones available.

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    Channel changes for O2 TV
    July 23, 2013 06.38 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Telefónica’s Czech IPTV service O2 TV will make a number of changes to its offer in August.
    According to Digizone, they include the addition of HD versions of Eurosport and Eurosport 2, as well as Slovak Sport in SD.
    The new channel Slovak Sport 2, whose output includes Premier League games, will also join the lineup, replacing the motorsport-based Sport 5.
    Two other channels to disappear from O2 TV’s offer will be ESPN America and ESPN Classic.

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    Turkish media assets sold
    July 23, 2013 06.07 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Some of the media assets seized by Turkey’s state-run Savings Deposit and Insurance Fund (TMSF) from Cukurova Group have been sold off.
    According to a local report, the assets, which include the TV channel Sky 360, are now owned by the Turkish companies Kolin, Limak and Cengiz, with the latter saying it had paid $60 million (€45.6 million) for the acquisition.
    The most lucrative assets still in state hands include the DTH platform Digitürk, which has already attracted interest from – amongst others – the rival platform D-Smart, owned by Dogan Media Group.

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    Spanish pay-TV feels the squeeze
    July 23, 2013 05.52 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    ono_obenqueThe number of pay-TV subscribers in Spain fell for the fifth straight quarter in the first three months of this year.
    According to data published by the regulator CMT, it stood at 3,926,844 as of the end of March, compared to 4,077,101 three months earlier and 4,369,849 as of March 31, 2012.
    Canal+ was the leading provider of services with 1,691,281 subscribers, though its take-up was also down, for the fourth quarter in a row.
    Second placed Ono also noted yet another quarter of contraction, ending March with 853,750 pay-TV subscribers.
    Telefónica, GolTV and TeleCable were next up with 656,499, 260,098 and 132,852 subscribers respectively.
    On the other hand, pay-TV revenues continue to hold up, with the total figure for Q1 amounting to €440.98 million, or slightly down from the €444.15 million posted three months earlier but higher than the €433.43 million in Q1 2012.

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    Netflix maintains international focus
    July 23, 2013 05.01 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Netflix FamilyNetflix will continue to put all its domestic profits into international expansion, with its next launch now confirmed as being in the Netherlands in this quarter.
    In a statement accompanying the company’s latest set of results, Netflix says that it ended the second quarter with 29.81 million domestic and 7.75 million international members.
    Streaming revenues in the second quarter meanwhile amounted to $671 million (€509.5 million) domestically and $166 million internationally, or 26% and 155% more respectively than in the same period last year.
    Netflix points out that the Netherlands is half the size of Canada and a good opportunity for it to prepare for entry into new markets.
    “We’ll continue to expand in 2014 based upon the progression of our existing markets and on confidence in the expansion opportunities.”
    In a Q&A accompanying the results, Netflix refused to provide any further details about future expansion to other international markets. Nor did it give any information about churn, with founder and CEO Reed Hastings saying that its focus is on total growth.
    Commenting on the $7.99 price point in the US, Hastings said that it is “pretty close to the right price” and gives “tremendous value in consumer stability”.
    When questioned about Netlix’s DVD business, on which the company was founded back in 1997, Hastings said that it has over 7 million members and there are no plans to shut it down.
    Although Netflix has until now focused on series, it will also add feature documentaries and stand-up comedy specials to its offer over the coming months.
    When questioned about the possibility of moving into movies, talk shows and news programming, chief content officer Ted Serandos said that there was no reason why this could not happen.
    Hastings meanwhile said that Netflix is in the “membership happiness business as opposed to the TV show business” and therefore has a lot of flexibility.

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    C Music TV launches on Zattoo
    July 23, 2013 09.59 Europe/London By Robert Briel

    International music broadcaster C Music TV has launched on OTT platform Zattoo. The channel went live on July 17th.
    Zattoo is an over-the-top web-delivered TV service, which provides a wide range of live TV channels which can be received on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and selected smart TVs and is available in Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark and in the UK.
    C Music TV launched in 2008 and now has paid carriage distribution in over 100 countries, on five satellites across Europe and Africa. The classical, cinematic and chill-out music-video channel carries no adverts and mixes classical music and opera with film soundtracks, short-form interviews and live performances filmed in-house. The channel showcases the world’s finest artists and introduces new audiences to this inspiring and beautiful genre.
    The deal was brokered by Stephan Koenigfeld of who looks after distribution for German-speaking territories, other territories are looked after by French distribution company Thema headed by François Thiellet.

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    Zimbabwe officials criticise new TV station
    Rebecca Hawkes | 23-07-2013

    A new free-to-air satellite television station, 1st TV, which is broadcasting from South Africa into Zimbabwe ahead of this month's elections, has drawn protest from the Mugabe Government.
    Zimbabwe's sate-run TV network has a domestic monopoly and has been criticised for its editorial bias in favour of the president. The head of 1st TV, however, used to work with Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe's main rival and Zimbabwe's coalition prime minister.
    The Government is now said to be protesting to South Africa over what it calls the "pirate" TV station, the signals of which are alleged to be carried via South Africa's Sentech.
    "We will be taking decisions mindful of the need to cripple this pirate television broadcast station," George Charamba, a senior Government official, told the Herald.
    The Herald reports that 1st TV has been set up with funding from the British Government. Andrew Chadwick, Tsvangirai's former communications director, told the BBC most of the funds come from private entities.
    "We've also received support from groups supporting human rights, freedom and democracy," he added.
    The British embassy in Harare will not comment on individual grants, however it told the BBC that it worked with "various civil society organisations to help create a vibrant space for Zimbabweans to participate, freely debate, discuss and share information".
    "We think greater access to impartial and factual information along with diverse views helps inform Zimbabweans of their democratic choices," it added. "Access to multiple sources of information through different media enhances the electoral process."
    Charamba, meanwhile, told the Herald: "We have been aware of the technical corroboration between VOA and Sentech, what we did not expect was this expansion of that corroboration. Also we are not very sure if the South African Government is aware of what its parastatal is doing to hurt Zimbabwean interests. We will pursue diplomatic channels."

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    ProSieben Maxx to launch on 3 September
    Jörn Krieger | 23-07-2013

    German TV group ProSiebenSat.1 will launch ProSieben Maxx, its new free-to-air channel for men between 30-59, on 3 September 2013 at 8.15pm CET with the German free-to-air debut of Hollywood blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger.
    As a special feature, in response to demand by German fans of US series, ProSieben Maxx will show productions including Homeland, House of Cards and Episodes in the original English-language version with German subtitles. Normally, German channels only show the dubbed German versions.
    The movies to be screened by ProSieben Maxx include World Trade Center with Nicolas Cage, True Grit with Jeff Bridges and No Country For Old Men with Benicio Del Toro.
    For documentaries, ProSiebenSat.1 has formed a partnership with BBC Earth enabling it to take productions like Attenborough's Ark, The Secret Life of Crocodiles, Bush Alaska and Deadly 60 to German TV screens.
    The channel's original productions comprise, for example, the science programmes Galileo 360 and Galileo Genial as well as the adventure show Mission Adventure.
    In the morning and during the day, ProSieben Maxx will target boys between 6-13 with cartoons and anime series from the areas of super heroes, action and adventure. A collaboration has been set up with the planned children's channel Yep! which will supply ProSieben Maxx with programmes including the German free-to-air debuts of new seasons of anime series Pokémon and One Piece.
    At launch, ProSieben Maxx will be available to more than 60% of German households via cable, satellite and IPTV.

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    Ofcom sets out operating terms for UK independent TV
    Editor | 23-07-2013

    After having finalised public service broadcasting licences to operate in the UK’s independent TV sector, Ofcom has set out the terms that will apply to ITV, STV, UTV and Channel 5.
    The UK broadcast regulator has revealed decisions on revised programming obligations and the methodology for setting financial terms of the new licences for ITV, STV, UTV and Channel 5. Decisions on the structure of the regional licensed areas for ITV have also been laid out.
    One of the standout issues that Ofcom has decreed is an insistence that viewers in many areas will receive TV news that is designed to be more relevant to their local area. With local TV one of the key planks in the media strategy of the UK Government, Ofcom has approved proposals for a more localised Channel 3 news service across England. This will see ITV provide regional news in 14 separate news regions compared to the current eight news regions it operates. No changes will be made to the Channel 5 programming obligations.
    Ofcom considers that, in most regions, the benefits to viewers of a more localised news service will more than offset the reduction in the amount of regional news that ITV is required to provide under its licences. It has reduced the requirement for a weekday regional news bulletin in the early evening from 30 minutes to 20 minutes in all but two of ITV’s licences.
    In an interesting development, ITV’s early evening news bulletins will continue to be 30 minutes long but Ofcom rejected ITV’s proposals for London and North West England – the country’s two largest regions – which it feels would have reduced the volume of regional news without providing more localised coverage to benefit viewers.
    Ofcom is also requiring 30 minutes of weekday early evening regional news content in the Border region which covers both sides of the England/Scotland border. The regulator has mandated enhanced coverage of Scottish affairs in the area covered by ITV’s Border licence that lies in Scotland to better serve viewers. In addition to retaining a full 30 minutes of weekday early evening news relevant to the region, Ofcom will require a further weekly 90 minutes of regional programming to be scheduled for viewing in the Scottish part of the Border region.
    The regulator has also published a statement setting out the methodology it will use to determine the financial terms on which the licences will be renewed. Ofcom will decide on the size of these payments made to HM Treasury later in 2014.

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    Cloud TV Magine gets support to set up services in Spain, Germany
    Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23-07-2013

    A primarily Swedish investment group has given Magine, the Nordic cloud TV platform, the financial stability needed to expand the company internationally.
    Thanks to a €19 million deal, Magine will speed up its establishment in Spain and Germany, where it has recently started to work.
    It has been only a few months since the platform was successfully launched in Sweden, but Magine is already looking beyond Spain and Germany and has announced that, thanks to the financial agreement, it will release the service in five new markets before the end of the year.
    Michael Werner, Magine's CEO explained that channels are interested in using the service because "we help them to build new ways of commercialisation while keeping their rights, and this potential has been understood by the investors".
    In Sweden, Magine currently offers programming from channels including Discovery, the BBC, CNN, Eurosport and Turner. The service was launched in April and since this time its offering has been growing.
    Through an Internet connection, customers can access on-demand and live TV, HD and DRM-protected content.
    Magine is currently only available for Apple and Samsung devices, but the application will be soon released for other tablets and TVs.


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