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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

Apple HLS emerges as top OTT video format Joseph O'Halloran | 16-07-2013 Indicating rather clearly the most popular devices used

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    Apple HLS emerges as top OTT video format
    Joseph O'Halloran | 16-07-2013
    Indicating rather clearly the most popular devices used to view such services, Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format is, according to Infonetics Research, the most important over-the-top (OTT) video format.
    Analysing trends and assessing the needs of service providers deploying IP set-top boxes (STBs) to deliver video services, the Infonetics IP Set-Top Box Features and Vendor Leadership: Global Service Provider Survey found that operators rated video-on-demand (VOD), OTT/broadband video, remote programming via tablet/mobile device, and whole-home DVR as the top IP STB apps.
    Only about a quarter of survey respondents — who included ADB, Amino, ARRIS/Motorola, Cisco, Entone, Huawei, Netgem, Pace, Sagemcom, Samsung, Skyworth, Technicolora and ZTE — currently required QAM or over-the-air (OTA) tuners on their IP STBs and the data also revealed that most operators do not plan to add video transcoding to their IP STB offerings by 2014.
    Looking at the key issue of streaming video in a connected home, 802.11g as found to be the current leading IP STB Wi-Fi technology among carrier respondents, but Infonetics expects that by 2014 technologies that enable wireless streaming of high definition content — such as 802.11n dual-mode and 802.11n MIMO — will be the most required.
    Looking to the near future, Infonetics believes that the current dominance of HLS in the OTT sector will be challenged by HTML5.
    "We expect HTML5 adoption to grow, especially if the W3C adds new security features (a top concern among content owners), as it can scale quickly across multiple platforms and has already gained the support of Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and LinkedIn," explained Jeff Heynen, principal analyst for broadband access and pay-TV at Infonetics Research.
    "In our talks with carriers, we're also seeing growing interest in MPEG-DASH, a new standard for video codecs. Backed by companies like Microsoft, Netflix and Adobe, it's gaining traction in North America and Europe, and we expect it to get more support from vendors in coming years."

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    VOLIA taps Envivio to deliver new OTT services
    Joseph O'Halloran | 16-07-2013
    In the latest of a series of multiscreen announcements, leading Ukrainian pay-TV operator VOLIA has launched new over-the-top (OTT) online TV services.
    The operator began its big play in March when it launched the VOLIA Smart HD network to serve more than 1.5 million customers across its footprint of over 29 cities. By launching services off-net, VOLIA said at the time that it could increase significantly its service footprint and will give the opportunity to all Ukrainian broadband users to enjoy linear standard and HD channels, plus offer enhanced features such as online video and video-on-demand (VOD) services like YouTube.
    In this latest deployment, VOLIA selected Envivio Muse transcoders to help it address the requirements of existing customers viewing content on mobile devices, as well as to provide services outside its footprint.
    Designed for cable, satellite, managed or unmanaged IP-based services, Muse compresses TV signals to a number of formats or resolutions including MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC (H.265). It also supports advanced functionalities.
    “We chose the Envivio Muse encoders to power the VOLIA Smart HD service because Envivio offered outstanding video quality and a flexible architecture based on software,” explained Alexander Hnyduik, CTO of VOLIA. “This flexibility is important as we integrate our pay-TV and OTT platforms and serve a larger number of viewers around the country who want to enjoy a more personalised, anytime, anywhere TV experience.”

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    TV Center in platform Raduga TV


    The Russian platform Raduga TV complements the its offer with a the basic channels of federal, which so far have not were available. A few days after turning OTR gets more TV Centr. Both stations are available for the all subscribers of Raduga TV. Were included in MPEG-4/SD, but they are FTA. The platform is distributed via satellite ABS-1 (75 ° E), and its content is usually encrypted in Irdeto 2

    TV Center channel to Moscow, approximates all viewers spiritual, intellectual, social, scientific, political, financial and economic life of the capital. In the offer there are also places on the classics of domestic and foreign films, and programs for children. RSS is open to all residents of Russia.

    ABS-1 (75 ° E)
    tp. 7 (12.704 GHz, pol. V, SR 18050, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK)
    Encoding: none

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    Mir HD is expected to start in 2014


    Interstate television and radio company Mir MTRK in early 2013 launched a new news channel Mir 24, and is already working on another project. Winter 2014 years has run the channel in high definition HD Mir. It will be distributed on cable and satellite platforms.

    The most important thing is the production of TV programs in HD quality. Currently, the broadcaster is about 35% of its own content in this format. Undoubtedly, the next 65% would have to be purchased or ordered, said one of the representatives MTRK Mir.

    Another obstacle may be incompatible equipment used in the CIS countries. Partners in countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia will have to upgrade their equipment so that it worked in HD. It all has to be resolved by the end of this year.

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    Ukraine: Encryption FTA becomes a reality?


    Holding the largest television broadcasters in Ukraine launched negotiations on mandatory encryption of satellite signals, reported local newspaper Kapital, relying on other sources. Information was also confirmed Valentin Smith, head of digital industrial branch committee and director of television music channel M1.

    The case concerns more than 60 free to air channels, Ukrainian, which is free to receive the satellite Amos (4 ° W) and Astra 4A (4.8 ° E). The communication is also mentioned Eutelsat's Hot Bird (13 ° E), but with this item you can pick just one valuable channel from Ukraine - 1 +1 International. About 4 million households in Ukraine watch satellite TV and not paying for it.

    If the sender can make friends is encrypted channels can begin in August. The Heads of Russian companies NTV + Ukraine and Powerkhnost who sell pay television packages, eagerly rubbing their hands. When the era of free Ukrainian television via satellite passes, the audience will be more willing to buy more quality Russian content.

    Ukrainian producers of the content of this revolution can bring benefits. If the signal is not free, the cable operators will not be able to redistribute it without paying a fee to the sender. Telemarketer will have to sign a contract to broadcast the signal.

    We do not know which entities will sell Ukrainian channels after encryption. In this role, are seen at least three companies: Rus TV, Viasat and SES. Another obstacle may be the reluctance of some broadcasters to block its signal.

    Today, only a few Ukrainian channels are encrypted via satellite. There are sports channels and Football Football +, included in the company's richest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov, and recently Perszyj Awtomobilnyj automotive channel. This group does not include channels broadcast in BISS encryption.

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    Slovak Sport TV2 MagioSat!


    Contrary to expectations, new, Slovak Slovak channel TV2 Sport will probably not be part of the offer satellite platform Skylink. He mentioned this to one of the representatives on the social networking Skylink. It has been revealed that the channel would broadcast in Slovakia only one pay-TV operators - Slovak Telecom.

    Slovak Sport TV2 has started transmitting August 1, 2013. His schedule, which was prepared for the fans awaiting the live matches of English Premier League soccer league. Broadcast rights were purchased by the Slovak Sport TV for the next three seasons. The broadcast rights to Premier League operator in Slovakia intends to apply for the new station.

    Slovak Sport TV2 has secured a number of lucrative sports rights. Likely to become one of the most desirable sports programs in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic.


    Slovak Sport TV2 most likely will be in Slovakia with one operator Slovak Telekom, which gives the channels in IPTV service Magio TV, satellite platform Magio Sat (Amos - 4W) and also in the platform Digi TV. In the Czech possible that this channel will be for many operators, but still do not know who.

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    BBC Worldwide announces the good financial results


    BBC Worldwide, the Company issued July 16, 2013 year, the report for the financial year 2012-2013. The company again has good financial results, despite difficult conditions in the global markets, and continue to invest in a range of programming the BBC, which reaches a worldwide audience.

    The dynamic growth of sales programs and foreign channels

    • Increase profit by 1 percent. to 156 million pounds
    • Revenues increased by 3 percent. to 1.116 million pounds
    • Investing in our programming for 2012-2013 worth 176 million pounds

    Financial Results

    In the last 12 months, ending on March 31, 2013, the company recorded a profit increase by 1 percent. to 156 million pounds (155 million pounds in fiscal year 2011-2012). Profit before tax, excluding gains and losses on disposals, increased by 21 percent. and amounted to EUR 125 million (GBP 104 million in the fiscal year 2011-2012). The Company recorded revenue growth of 3 percent. to 1.116 million pounds (1.085 million pounds).

    The aim of the company BBC Worldwide is to support the mission of public television and the BBC to maximize its profits. This year, BBC Worldwide BBC profit earned 156 million pounds (216 million pounds in the financial year 2011 to 2012), and the total profit in 2007 amounted to more than 1 billion GBP. In relation to the financial year 2011-2012 earnings generated for the BBC declined by 28 percent. In last year's profits, however, included a dividend of £ 73 million, related to the sale of BBC Magazines. Excluding the above operation profits in the financial year 2012-2013, therefore, increased by 9 percent.

    34 international channels BBC Worldwide continues to generate revenue, which contributes to the creation of new branches, expanding the circulation and increasing advertising revenues. Sales and distribution programs is still a very important source of revenue for the first time increased total revenues by more than 300 million pounds.

    - Results BBC Worldwide is very good despite the economic difficulties that plagued the media industry,
    a particularly dynamic growth we note in the sale of programs and international channels. Financial year 2013-2014 is a breakthrough year for our company, because in connection with the newly adopted strategy, we want to focus on making maximum use of the opportunities offered by the development of technology and the presence in new markets. Thanks to BBC Worldwide will maintain its position of world-class content providers who inspires audiences around the world, helping to build the reputation and commercial success of the BBC - said Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Worldwide.

    Investment in content

    In fiscal year 2012-2013 the company continued to invest in our programming, through which the BBC and the British independent providers can create programs that compete with the world's best media companies.

    • The company BBC Worldwide has released for this purpose in fiscal year 2012-2013 GBP 176 million. Investments in distribution rights totaled EUR 104 million, of which EUR 74 million related to BBC programs. £ 91 million was submitted by the independent holders of rights to purchase their share of profits and payment of royalties.
    • The sale and distribution of programs generated revenues of EUR 312 million, particularly dynamic growth was recorded in Europe. For the first time also in the results for the full year revenue recognized from the sale of the VOD model. BBC Worldwide Showcase 2013, a trade fair held every year in Liverpool, attracted a record large group of 700 representatives from around the world.
    • The best-selling programs this year include "Africa" ​​(sales to 195 territories), "Top Gear USA" (sales to 174 territories), "Ripper Street" and "Parade's End" (both to more than 120 territories).
    • In co-developed high-quality titles like "Africa" ​​(with CCTV, Discovery Channel and France Télévisions), "Ripper Street" (from Lookout Point and Tiger Aspect) and the comedy "The Wrong Mans" (with Hulu), which soon will have its premiere.
    • At The Great Bake Off foreign company granted 13 licenses were sold also 46 national versions of "Dancing with the Stars" (international version of "Strictly Come Dancing").

    Expansion into foreign markets

    The Company focuses on the development of channels under the global brand to the highest quality British films find their way to international markets. Increases export of British industry and promotes creative and "British brand" for the BBC in foreign markets.

    • BBC Worldwide reach of television channels to 406 million households who are subscribers (up from 356 million in fiscal year 2011-2012).
    • The channel BBC America has increased the number of users to 81 million households (out of 77 million in the fiscal year 2011-2012).
    • This year, 15 new channels launched under the brand of BBC Worldwide, the first time, among other things, Brazil, Mjanmie, Cambodia and Indonesia.
    • The Company continues to be attractive to an international audience thanks to global events, such as the Top Gear Live Festival, live broadcast of the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and Planet Earth Live.
    • In April 2013 the Bank introduced changes in the business strategy of the company in foreign markets with a view to further development.

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    EBU fight against piracy BISS


    EBU - European Broadcasting Union has provided many valuable suggestions cars DSNG operators, broadcasters and broadcasting equipment manufacturers. It is a more secure transmissions live (called feeds) BISS coding system, which is not as tight as it used to. They use the pirates who collect in this way the best quality signal for HD sports broadcasting live and let in these broadcasts to the Internet, resulting in significant losses for pay-TV operators.

    A year ago, a security system BISS dropped.
    All by exploiting a vulnerability in the algorithm DVB-CSA when generating an encrypted video stream.
    It's about empty packets of the video stream that arise in broadcast CBR (constant bit-rate). Such packages (supplemented values ​​0x00 or 0xFF) after encryption algorithm, DVB-CSA reproducible strings (Crypt8), so that the previously calculated hashes using rainbow tables, you can quickly find the key (session word), which the transmissions are encrypted. As the system developed by the EBU BISS uses one permanent key (niezmienianego every few seconds, as in commercial systems, which are used by DTH), the viewing of encrypted transmission is relatively simple.

    To hinder the search key, the EBU has developed some tips for DSNG operators and equipment manufacturers.
    Here are some of them:

    Information and guidance for manufacturers of broadcasting equipment:
    - The CBR transmission: replenishment of empty packets random sequence
    - When VBR: remove empty packages at TS
    - A choice of encryption for individual elementary stream
    - Audio encoded in Dolby-E should be unencrypted (similar problem with empty packages which streams video)

    Information and guidance for broadcasters / operators DSNG:
    - BISS encryption should be turned off only when the target rate "live" (at least 5 minutes before start)
    - Tests for transmission (end-to-end) should be unencrypted. If there is a need to test the encrypted signal, the EBU suggests that a unique visual signal for each test. You should not use pre-recorded test signals.
    - Keys (session word) should be changed every transmission
    - The keys to the transmission should not be made available to third parties.

    EBU hopes that after the introduction of these guidelines by the broadcasters, increase the "peeping" messages encrypted in BISS. The EBU has also hope that it will be used from next season Europa League and the Champions League.

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    Al Jazeera Sport: the right to the EPL and three new HD channels


    This confirms the first unofficial information that was already in April. Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera gained exclusive rights to broadcast English Premier League matches for the next three seasons from 2013-2014 in the Middle East and North Africa. So far, meetings emit ADMC Sport package from the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Media broadcaster), for which Al Jazeera has lost the right to pre-season EPL from 2010 to 2011.

    The rights to broadcast the next three seasons Premier League meetings in the MENA region broadcaster Al Jazeera has paid 320 million euros. The last season, which includes an agreement is 2015-2016.

    Competition in the 2013-2014 season will begin on August 17. Al Jazeera has the right to broadcast all 380 matches in different ways - both through the TV channels and on the Internet and on mobile devices.

    The meetings will be discussed in Arabic and English. Al Jazeera boasts that for this purpose brought the best and most respected commentators. The English commentary will be responsible, among others Richard Keys and Andy Gray, known for Sky Sports and Arabic - Ayman Jada and Mohammed Saadon Al Kuwari.

    For viewers, however, the most important news is the announcement of launch of three new channels in high definition, in order to best use acquired rights. It is not known yet which satellite positions will be conducted emissions. The high degree of probability can be placed at 7 degrees West, where all channels Al Jazeera Sports has its main distribution point. Probably channels will also go to the other "Arab" satellite position, ie 26 ° E. Unfortunately, the chances of receiving in Poland, both places are not great, a lot depends on how the transponder have ended channels. Is the message also check you in at 13 degrees? This is currently not known.

    English Premier League is very popular among fans around the world. Al Jazeera Sport channels are also popular due to transmission main stations of 13 ° E. There are, of course, coded, but there are no major problems with the acquisition card, though officially offer is directed only to the people of the MENA region located temporarily in Europe. There are 15 channels including 5 HD and 10 SD (dubel in SD and Al Jazeera Sport News).

    Premier League also generates huge revenues from television rights, in excess of the Spanish league, or German, also selling licenses to foreign channels. Revenue from the sale of rights to the game 20 clubs over the next three seasons are estimated at 5.5 billion pounds.

    Information about obtaining the rights was confirmed as long as it was not known how the matter resolved sports agency MD & Silva, who owned the rights to broadcast Premier League matches so far in the MENA region.

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    Skylink changes offer
    July 17, 2013 10.36 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    SkylinkThe leading Czech and Slovak DTH platform Skylink has announced a number of important changes to its offer.
    Mostly due to come into effect this week, they include the addition of six new channels – Crime & Investigation, Nickelodeon, MTV Rock, MTV Dance, VH1 and VH1 Classic – and replacement of the SD version of History Channel with the HD version.
    They will also see MTV Live HD withdrawn from the offer.
    Skylink, like its sister service CS Link, is owned by the Luxembourg-based M7 Group.


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