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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

MTV Italia Telecom Italia Media to VIMN 2013-07-08 Telecom Italia Media and Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of

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    MTV Italia Telecom Italia Media to VIMN


    Telecom Italia Media and Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), a division of Viacom Inc.., Have signed an agreement to sell 51 per cent. shares to Viacom, MTV Italia. Under the terms of the agreement, Telecom Italia Media will receive a pension of 10 million euros, which will be adjusted in line with changes in working capital at the closing of the transaction. Telecom Italia Media has committed itself - at the closing - to withdraw its financial revenues of approximately $ 9.7 million.

    Parties eventually renew long-term agreement between MTV Italia and TIMB capacity and the supply of broadcasting services.

    Closing of the transaction, which still requires appropriate regulatory approvals, is expected at the end of September 2013.

    After completion of the transaction, VIMN assume full operational control and editorial on MTV Italia, including the channels MTV, MTV Music, MTV Classic and MTV Hits, La musica, i video, le news, le classifiche musicali e le serie tv in onda su MTV website and MTV PUBBLICITA, and Telecom Italia Media will focus on broadcasting .

    With the acquisition of MTV Italia in Italy VIMN portfolio will increase to seven networks, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.. and Comedy Central.

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    CanalSat looks to catch-up
    July 8, 2013 15.16 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    France’s CanalSat has announced plans to boost its catch-up offer.
    According to local reports, the W9 service will be made available immediately to DTH subscribers, while in due course TV Breizh and D17 will also be offered in catch-up.
    The move is seen as a further response to CanalSat having recently fallen behind in the introduction of catch-up services, something it has already tried to remedy by making MyTF1 and Direct8 available earlier this year.
    Just a few days ago CanalSat announced it would be launching two new HD channels, both of which will be available on demand and to IPTV and DTH subscribers.
    Paramount Channel will make its debut on September 6 and J-One on October 4.
    CanalSat is wholly owned by Vivendi and distributes its services via cable, DTH and IPTV.

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    YouTube hits a six
    July 8, 2013 14.48 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    YouTube has signed an agreement with the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to stream the Investec Ashes series live in 53 countries across mainland Europe and Latin America on its channel.
    The official ECB channel – – will host the live streaming, as well as one-minute highlights of every session, with coverage getting under way on Day 1 of the first test match, starting this Wednesday (July 11) at Trent Bridge, Nottingham at 11.00 BST.
    ECB’s digital services will offer a total over 1.5 million views of free-to-view content this year alone, amounting to over 2m minutes of footage.
    The YouTube channel offers highlights of every Investec Test, NatWest ODI & T20, LV County Championship and Yorkshire Bank 40 matches, as well as behind-the-scenes features and player interviews.
    Commenting on the agreement, David Collier, chief executive of ECB, said: “This is the ECB’s first venture into live streaming of cricket online, so is ground-breaking territory for us.
    “We receive numerous requests from cricket fans in regions where there is no broadcast TV offering, and therefore we are delighted that many will be able to enjoy this Investec Ashes Series.
    “It is also important that we play a role in the expansion of the game to countries that do not traditionally play nor watch the sport.”
    Steve Nuttall, senior director YouTube, said “Our partnership with the ECB expands the reach of the Investec Ashes Series to new countries and to YouTube’s younger, connected audience. We’re delighted to see more top quality cricket on YouTube.”

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    Inea upgrades HBO Go
    July 8, 2013 14.29 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    The Polish cable operator Inea has enhanced the HBO Go service it offers to its subscribers.
    They can now register to receive it on up to four devices irrespective as to what they are (four PCs, for instance) and can access it on two at the same time.
    Furthermore, they can make up to five changes per calendar month in the list of devices they wish to have registered to receive HBO Go.
    There will no longer be a delay in the registration process for new devices, unlike the previous four hours, though in the case of a previously registered device the re-registration process will take 24 hours.
    HBO Go can currently be received on PCs, tablets and smartphones by Inea subscribers who opt for its HBO Max HD package.
    Inea is one of the top five cable operators in Poland, reaching over 360,000 homes in the Wielkopolska region in the west of the country.

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    Freeview makes case for keeping UHF spectrum
    July 8, 2013 11.31 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    Freeview will this week tell Ofcom that to keep pace with what viewers want the DTT platform must have access to enough spectrum.
    Its argument in the regulators consultation on the future use of the much coverted UHF band is an extension of its earlier theme of providing value to the UK consumer.
    “We believe fundamentally that any decision should not come at the expense of reducing the quality of their viewing experience in any way,” Freeview managing director Ilse Howling told Broadband TV News.
    Freeview, which won its licence bid 11 years ago on Thursday, faces the twin problem of maintaining its existing spectrum while finding room for new HD services.
    “We’re not saying that free TV should exist above and beyond every provider, but DTT has got it’s house in order in terms of spectrum use and other users should be expected to do the same,” said Howling.
    Next year could see the launch of 10 new HD services on Freeview in a project run by the BBC, Channel 4 and Arqiva. While the BBC reviews how it uses spectrum generally, Ofcom has a consultation on spectrum pricing.
    Part of Freeview’s case to Ofcom is a recent survey conducted for the organisation by YouGov. It gives Freeview near national treasure status among Freeview viewers, who placed the DTT platform second only to the National Health Service when asked how they valued a number of UK organisations.
    Among viewers it is not just the channels from the public service broadcasters that are appreciated by the public, but many of the 50 or so TV channels that comprise the platform as a whole.

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    Swisscom commits to Fastweb
    July 8, 2013 11.27 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Swisscom has no intention of selling its Italian subsidiary Fastweb.
    Quoted in the Swiss press, Swisscom’s head Carsten Schloter said that it instead must develop Fastweb, whose fibre-optic infrastructure will play an increasingly important role.
    Fastweb offers a bundled TV and broadband package in Italy in conjunction with Sky Italia.
    It ended last year with 151,000 subscribers.

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    Fox expands into Africa
    July 8, 2013 11.15 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    RRSat has entered into a long-term agreement with Fox International Channels (FIC) to support the broadcast of its French channels throughout Africa.
    FIC is expanding to the continent with RRsat’s Global Network and Measat’s Africasat-1a satellite.
    The FIC channels in question will include National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild and the travel-based Voyage.
    Commenting on the development, Tim Joyce, VP of broadcast operations Europe at FIC, said: “We are very satisfied for having RRsat’s support in broadcasting some of our factual flagship TV channels across Africa, which will let us deliver our content to viewers all over the continent, reaching a greater number of subscribers and making possible the increase of distribution.
    “The factual channels branded by National Geographic and Voyage are an absolute reference inside the FIC’s brands bouquet that will be very well welcomed by all audiences.”
    Lior Rival, CCO at RRsat, added: “RRsat welcomes the opportunity to work with Fox International Channels, one of the most successful media companies in the world, and to support Fox’s strategic decision to distribute its flagship national geographic channels throughout Africa.
    “RRsat’s MCPC platform on AFRICASAT-1a enables our customers to efficiently and cost effectively distribute content at the highest quality to householders and cable head ends in every country in Africa.”

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    HbbTV: New logo conformance test
    July 8, 2013 10.30 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Digital TV Labs has announced a conformance testing service for the new HbbTV logo for hybrid services.
    As the first HbbTV registered test centre, the company will provide a fast and efficient service to deliver the official HbbTV test report required by manufacturers to licence the logo.
    The logo will allow manufacturers to display compliance with the HbbTV specification and official test suite in return for an annual licence fee.
    The programme includes periodic market samples, as well as a compliance system for suspected non-complaint devices. Digital TV Labs can provide test reports in hours rather than days using the highly automated Ligada iSuite, the company’s widely adopted test harness for HbbTV and MPEG-DASH.
    Additionally, using the company’s HbbTV 1.5 (ETSI TS 102 796 v1.2.1) test suite and country-specific test suites, compliance testing can be provided for HbbTV requirements for the French TNT2.0 and Spanish TDT Hibrida HbbTV platforms.
    Digital TV Labs has been very closely involved with the development of the official HbbTV Test Suite against the HbbTV 1.0 (ETSI TS 102 796 v1.1.1) specification from within the HbbTV Consortium and has authored nearly 50% of its tests
    Commenting on the launch, Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, said: “We recognise that the growing adoption of HbbTV across Europe – and now into Asia – means that interoperability is vitally important to guarantee the continuing success of the standard and a quality user experience. The new HbbTV logo program, incorporating a rigorous compliance monitoring regime, provides clear indication of HbbTV device compliance.”
    Digital TV Labs will offer the HbbTV conformance test in addition to its existing portfolio of test and conformance products and services, including Dolby and DLNA.

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    New packages on satellite AzerSpace 1


    The operator b Teleradio quickly broadens the scope of capacity used on the satellite AzerSpace 1 (46 ° E). Beginning of July brought the launch of two transponders with packages Turkish channels, Russian and international. A total included 34 television channels, all in the transmission of unencrypted, what is so interesting that receive a set of stations in Poland is very easy (especially Russia and international packages, which operates in a strong beam of the European Union), and some channels are relatively exotic as our terms.

    Below the full list of all channels. Both packages are transmitted in DVB-S, allowing you to receive sufficient SD decoders. The second package multiple channels have identifiers written in Cyrillic characters, which may cause problems on some receivers (but not prevent reception, most are "bushes" instead of letters).

    Technical data (PID V / A / PCR / SID):
    AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a (46 ° E)
    tp. 7K (11.095 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK)

    - NTV (512/650/512/1)
    - CNBC-e (513/660/513/2)
    - NTV Spor (514/670/514/3)
    - YUMURCAK TV (600/601/600/4)
    - Kral Pop TV (517/700/517/6)
    - Star TV (519/710/519/7)
    - Yaban TV (322/283/322/18)
    - TRT 1 (522/523/522/178)
    - ATV (308/266/308/179)
    - KANALTURK (317/268/317/182)
    - SHOW TV (319/271/319/183)
    - Samanyolu TV (300/301/300/184)
    - FOX (330/282/330/192)
    - Cine5 (516/690/516/193)
    - Viva TV (527/668/527/194)
    - Akilli TV (125/126/125/199)
    - * CHANNEL D (101/201/101/1501)
    - TRT HABER (612/613/612/8798)

    tp. 9K (11.135 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK)

    - TMB TV (145/146/145/5)
    - TRT Avaz (1012/1013/1012/21)
    - HTB (503/504/503/100)
    - Karusel (211/212/211/210)
    - RBC TV (601/602/601/600)
    - Fashion-TV (701/702/701/700)
    - Shanson TV (420/430/420/1704)
    - Rossiya 24 (1020/1030/1020/1710)
    - Al Jazeera Intl (1420/1430/1420/1714)
    - BBC World News (163/92/163/8204)
    - Euronews (2221/2232/2221/8211)
    - Первый (325/410/325/10106)
    - Европа Плюс ТВ (321/402/321/10202)
    - ТНТ (335/415/335/10302)
    - ПЯТНИЦА (322/404/322/10303)
    - CNN International (332/418/332/20613)

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    Ukrainian couple - new FTA channel on ASTRA 4A


    Ukrainian local channel NTA, transmitted from Lviv, the broadcast ended on the satellite Astra 4A (4.8 ° E) on the frequency 11.766 GHz, pol. H. viewers of any changes to the sender had not been informed - from July 8 instead of NTA is transmitted new TV channel 2.

    2 TV has mainly series, movies and cartoons for children, with no commercial breaks. Among the programs emits short indent with logo and website Unfortunately, the address does not work. We will inform you if there will be more details on this change.

    Uncoded transmission of the new Ukrainian channel 2 TV

    Astra 4A (4.8 ° E)
    tp. 3 (11.766 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)

    ID: NTA
    PID: 6181 (MPEG-2/SD)
    PID: 6182 (ukr)
    PCR PID: 6181
    SID: 6180
    PMT PID: 6180
    Provider: NTA
    Encoding: none


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