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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

A new channel Star TV with HOT BIRD-a 2013-07-04 The EUTELSAT HOT BIRD satellites at 13 ° East starts broadcasting

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    A new channel Star TV with HOT BIRD-a


    The EUTELSAT HOT BIRD satellites at 13 ° East starts broadcasting a new channel Star TV. The program will be targeted at Somalis. The project will be managed by the company Star Media Corporation, which wants to open a whole new chapter for Somalia entertainment. The company in its portfolio does not have any other channels.

    For the latest information on Star TV for Somalia will be available on the official fan page by clicking this link.

    Star TV channels offer also extends Somali, available from Eutelsat's Hot Bird (13 ° E). It will be another channel next ESTV, Horn Cable TV, Somalisat, Somaliland National TV, Somali Channel, Royal Somali, Somali Universal TV and SNTV.

    Uncoded transmission test the new Somali channel Star TV

    Eutelsat Hot Bird 13 C (13 ° E)
    tp. 2 (11.240 GHz, pol. V, SR 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)

    PID: 401 (MPEG-2/SD)
    PID: 402 (eng)
    PID PCR: 401
    SID: 3
    PID PMT: 400
    Provider: IQ Broadcast
    Encoding: none

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    Canal+ to preempt Netflix/Amazon
    July 5, 2013 09.36 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Canal+ plans to launch a new thematic service in order to counter increased competition and ahead of the possible launch of Netflix and Amazon in France.
    According to Le Figaro, Canal+ Series will make its debut on September 21 and offer flagship US series two to five days after they have been broadcast in the US.
    Rodolphe Belmer, the CEO of Canal+, said the new service will appeal to young people and women, with men and older viewers already well catered for by Canal+’s sports and movie offer.
    Maxime Saada, who is in charge of pay channels and the pilot project, meanwhile said that 66% of Canal+’s viewers say that series are one of the main reasons they subscribe to its service.
    However, they only account for 15% of its airtime at the moment.
    The new service will replicate that already offered by Orange Cinéma Séries for over a year. It will, added Saada, employ a “chain model” not far removed from that already used by HBO.

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    Clover’s Week: The big switchoff
    July 5, 2013 09.18 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    The problem with this technology stuff is that you just can’t rely on it to keep working. It’s not just the bits and bobs inside the device, but whether the business plan will keep it going.
    This week, myself and judging by the internet several thousand other users, realised the consequences of the removal of Google Reader.
    The Google service processed RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, a means of quickly distributing headlines and news stories across the web. For example the Broadband TV News Twitter feed is fed from the RSS feeds you find on our website.
    It wasn’t just those using Google Reader that were directly effected by its (well-publicised) demise. If you were using one of the third-party apps that synchronised through Google you might have also seen a blank page.
    Some of these apps had simply stopped development, which others embarrassingly announced the updates wouldn’t be ready in time. This happened to my app of choice, so for me it was off to find another app.
    Google incidentally is giving users until July 15th to retrieve their data.
    But it’s not just Google, Twitter has also shut out the means of changing its feeds into RSS, cue site that sprung up to do it for you.
    As always there are parallels with broadcasting. I’ve recounted before the story of the BBC press conference when it was said that its online radio feeds would continue in Real Audio.
    And think of all those connected TVs that are apparently frozen in time, despite the promises of manufacturers that they would be updated.
    At least few will be complaining about the loss of 3D, but maybe that’s the point.

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    Croatian telco merger blocked
    July 5, 2013 08.16 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    The Croatian Competition Agency (AZTN) has announced that the merger of the incumbent Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) and alternative telco Optima Telekom (OT) cannot be permitted.
    In a statement, it says that if it were to go ahead, T-HT’s market share would be increased to between 60-70%, and in some markets above 80%.
    The AZTN also points to the fact that in preparing the plan for its financial and operational restructuring, which included its effective take-over by T-HT, OT should have taken into account the Law on Protection of Competition and the necessary concentration approvals from various agencies.
    In its submission, it was evident that it did not allow for sufficient time to obtain these approvals. Earlier this week, T-HT signaled its intention to enter into a strategic partnership with OT.

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    Orange TV: Romania’s new kid on the block
    July 5, 2013 08.12 Europe/London By Martin Ornass-Kubacki

    Broadband TV News speaks with Martin Ornass-Kubacki – VP and chief regional officer of SES in CEE, about the new Orange TV platform in Romania.
    Orange Romania launched Orange TV on June 11, using multiple transponders on Astra satellites at the 31.5 degrees East position, in a market already served by four other DTH platforms and in which pay-TV penetration stands at over 85%. Furthermore, Romania’s TV distribution market is estimated to be worth around €370 million a year, and after falling in 2011 the number of DTH subscribers rose last year by 2% to 2.19 million in 2012.
    The Orange TV platform has, very much as expected, a unique and quite specific offer. According to Ornass-Kubacki, who is also one of SES’s main architects of the Orange TV project, “Orange TV is bringing into the local market the largest number of HD channels – over 40 – while 26 of them are not available from other DTH operators. This is the best HD offer available at the moment in the CEE region. And with 80% of the 35 million satellite homes that are watching HD in Europe served by the European SES satellites, we can say that SES expertise in the matter only adds to the advantages.
    “The brand, professionalism and the quality of the service are other important differentiator elements for Orange in this highly competitive market.”
    Moreover, added Ornass-Kubacki, the Orange offer is not only very well-shaped and attractive in terms of its programming proposition, but it is also price balanced. It consists of three types of subscriptions, depending on customer preferences, from €5 to €12 a month. Orange customers benefit from a 20% discount if they have only one SIM and a 30% discount if they are using two SIM cards. They also benefit from free installation and activation of the service.
    The multiscreen strategy makes the service initially available on PCs and TVs, though starting this autumn the company will also launch dedicated applications for smartphones and tablets. All this makes for the whole concept being more “customer friendly”.
    The potential of the Romanian market can be deduced from the fact that, although Romania is not the first country where Orange has a launched TV service, it is the first one that is integrated and aimed at “all available screens”.
    What is more, said Ornass-Kubacki, SES Astra is proud and delighted to be Orange’s partner in the project. The company’s rich experience in establishing and servicing DTH platforms in the region, not only on technical but also on the sales, content and marketing side, makes SES, is his view, a solid partner for Orange TV. SES Astra has a growing presence in Central and Eastern Europe and this new deal shows that the orbital slot 31.5 degrees East is becoming a new hot spot for the region.

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    Chello cuts back in Romania
    July 5, 2013 07.51 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

    Chello Central Europe has announced plans to restructure its business in Romania.
    Described as part of the “significant steps” it has taken in the past couple of years in “optimising and further increasing the efficiency of its operations”, these will see the closure of its office in Bucharest, with the sales and marketing activities of Chello Central Europe’s channels being operated under an agent structure.
    The office will operate until the end of September, by which time the appointed agent will have been announced.
    The company emphasises that the restructuring will not affect the content and current services of its seven channels in Romania, and it aims to both improve and grow these services in the mid to long term.

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    Dutch parliament passes ‘signal neutrality’
    July 5, 2013 10.44 Europe/London By Robert Briel

    Dutch parliament has passed changes to the Medialaw that ensures uninterrupted delivery of TV signals including HbbTV on various distribution platforms.
    The new law will put an end to cable operators filtering some of the broadcaster’s signals, such as the HbbTV services, but also subtitling, spoken commentary for hard-of-hearing and other additional services that are part of the broadcast signal.
    Until now, the country two largest cable operators UPC and Ziggo refused to carry the HbbTV services from the public channels, SBS Broadcasting and foreign broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF and TVE.
    Most new TV sets sold in the Netherlands are automatically equipped with HbbTV functionality, which gives access to additional information with programmes as well as access to on-demand and catch-up TV programming.
    The standard makes a direct connection between the viewer and the broadcaster possible and circumvents similar services from the platform.
    Some Dutch platforms, inclduing DTH service Canal Digitaal and terrestrial Digitenne already broadcast the HbbTV signals.
    Meanwhile, SBS Broadcasting revealed some statistics of HbbTV usage with regards to the equipment used for connecting to the service: Philips is market leader with 33%, followed by Samsung 28%, Sony 14% and LG 8%. The other manufacturers are good for 17% of all HbbTV usage.

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    Apple TV nearing deal for Time Warner Cable content
    Parent Category: News | 05-07-2013
    Apple TV is beefing up its content proposition with a soon-to-be-inked deal with Time Warner Cable to bring new channels to the set-top box, according to news agency Bloomberg.
    The arrangement would give Apple TV users access to TV Everywhere cable programming for the first time.
    Apple and Time Warner Cable plan to unveil the pact within a few months, which will likely be a standard authentication deal where Apple users can log in to the TWC app with their subscription credentials. Bloomberg reported that Apple is also hiring a former Hulu executive to take on negotiations with other media and cable companies, in order to bolster its so far lacklustre array of content choices.
    In this arena Apple faces competition from Roku and Boxee, notably, and has been the victim of its own walled garden ecosystem. Primarily meant to be a way to watch iTunes content on the big screen, the company has quickly realised that it needs an array of over-the-top (OTT) and pay-TV options to effectively compete. Roku, for instance, already streams 300 TWC channels.
    Earlier this year, Apple TV brought its first network television app via a deal with the CW for prime-time shows. It has also added the HBO GO and WatchESPN apps—two major building blocks in the content stable. It has MLB.TV, NHL and NBA content, along with Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Rounding out the small portfolio is a handful of niche apps, like Sky News and WSJ Live.

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    EBU claims great stride in UltraHD development
    Editor | 05-07-2013
    The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Digital Interoperability Forum (DIF) have come together to promise cooperation to plot a course for speedy UltraHD TV rollout in Europe.
    Working under the auspices of the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME), the EBU hosted what it called a landmark meeting in Geneva with DIF which represents pay-TV operators on technology matters. Analysing the barriers and keys to making UltraHD TV a success in Europe, all participants—including public and private broadcasters, consumer and professional electronics manufacturers, satellite operators and national HD Forums—agreed to share knowledge and experience for the ultimate benefit of all viewers.
    Just as the sets needed to display UltraHD TV are entering shops, FAME participants emphasised this week that any future television system must provide significant enhancements over HDTV. They also agreed on collaboration with DIGITALEUROPE (representing the consumer electronics industry) on a logo for UltraHD TV displays and closer engagement with the European Commission on related matters.
    The EBU’s Hans Hoffmann Dr Hoffmann said that UltraHD TV is the future of television: “This is the time to act together in the interests of the European public and industry, including the creative sector, and to create the right technical conditions in the full eco-chain for the launch of UHDTV.” Added Sheila Cassells, who co-chairs FAME for DIF: “We have served Europe well in past years by helping to make HDTV successful; and we hope to do the same for UltraHD TV now.”
    Yet Stephan Heimbecher of Sky Deutschland cautioned that making UltraHD TV successful would take more than just 'more pixels'. “They will need to be ‘better and faster’ pixels”, he said. “UltraHD TV must represent a step change in the viewing experience for it to be a success. It therefore has to include more than just a resolution increase. We need to consider higher frame rates, better colours and higher dynamic range, too.”

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    European TV production houses defy economic gloom
    Joseph O'Halloran | 05-07-2013
    It may not be readily apparent from the general financial state of its nations but times are good in Europe for the continent’s production houses at least says new research from Apex Insight.
    The analyst asserts that the production industry has generated new hit shows and grown its revenues despite both economic pressures and increasing competition from other forms of digital entertainment challenging TV viewing.
    Indeed the report suggests that as levels have continued to increase in all leading European markets, the industry has become far more international with the ‘super-indie’ production groups expanding via acquisitions and organically.
    Viewing levels are highest in Southern Europe but Apex regards this market as that most exposed to changes in advertising revenue. By contrast it sees Germany, Denmark and the UK as territories where public broadcasters retain a leading role and where licence funding provides greater stability and. Elsewhere, privately owned channels are prominent, including four groups—RTL, P7S1, MTG and CME— which operate in a range of countries.
    However the research also makes clear that the market is relatively fragmented with no group having a global share approaching 10% with a long tail of smaller independents remaining in most countries. The research shows that super-indies—such as FremantleMedia, Endemol, All3Media, Shine, Banijay, Zodiak Media and Eyeworks—have continued to develop new revenue models with the proportion of programme funding from the initial broadcaster decreasing as a consequence.
    The super-indies are increasingly competing with Hollywood studios such as Disney, Warner Bros and Sony for finished programme sales and Apex adds that exploitation of the potential from international sales of finished content, licensing of formats, digital rights and success-based payments is increasingly important to the commercial success of a format.


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