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Thread: Daily Satellite TV News

3 BBC channels on Orange Romania 2013-06-26 BBC Worldwide and BBC World News reported the new contracts for the distribution

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    3 BBC channels on Orange Romania


    BBC Worldwide and BBC World News reported the new contracts for the distribution channels of Orange Romania. BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge and BBC World News are available as part of the Universe Romania HD new satellite platform, which launched in June 2013.

    Orange Romania platform, available via satellite Astra 1G (31.5 ° E) Viaccess PC5.0 coded system, introduced to its portfolio of BBC Knowledge, which gives the best British popular programs. In 2013 the BBC made ​​its debut in Cyprus, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. BBC's programming includes species from natural history to science, technology, and adventure. Programs such as "Frozen Planet", "Bang Goes the Theory", "Top Gear USA" and "Secret Life of Dinosaurs" will be available to subscribers through the new offer.

    BBC Entertainment, offering British comedies and dramas the BBC and independent record label, started in Romania as a pan-European communication in 2009.

    BBC World News is available in Romania for over 10 years, providing high quality international information and programs on current affairs, lifestyle, such as "HARDtalk with Stephen Sackur", "Global with Jon Sopel" and "Fast Track".

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    Armenia with its own satellite Armsat


    Armenia will be the next country that will have its own communications satellite, which is the domain of the former Soviet Union - Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The satellite Armsat proudly inform the local media in Armenia. The authorities in that country recently discussed and determined the use of the two orbital positions. Probably Armenia could be used for satellite Armsat geostationary position of 71.4 ° E.

    Armenia would like to use two items, because one would serve to broadcast television and the other for telephone communications. The cost of the satellite launch Armenia are expected to cost about $ 250 million. The budget for this purpose would rely on private investment.

    Discussion on the construction and elevation of telecommunications satellites took place last fall at a meeting of the Minister of Transport and Communication of Armenia and the director of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Russia probably will help Armenia in building and launching their own satellites.

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    Czech HBO began issuing in Hungarian


    The Czech version of the film HBO (Home Box Office) on the digital transmission appeared the option to select the audio track of the Hungarian language. Hungarian sound is available on HBO HD Freesat satellite platform UPC Direct to the audience on ... Slovakia.

    The inclusion of the Hungarian soundtrack for HBO HD Czech version due to requests large Hungarian minority in Slovakia, which thus gains access to the HBO local content to choose from, either in Czech or Hungarian. There is also a version of the original.


    Satellite: Astra 3B (23.5 ° E)
    frequency: 11.843 GHz
    Polarization: V (vertical)
    SR: 30000
    FEC: 3/4
    Standard: DVB-S2
    Modulation: 8PSK
    SID: 31006
    PID: 351
    PID: 360 Hungarian, 361 Czech, 362 English
    CA: Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Nagravision

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    RTL Group partners with BroadbandTV
    June 26, 2013 17.03 Europe/London By Robert Briel

    The RTL Group and North-American multi-channel Network BroadbandTV have announced a strategic partnership.
    BroadbandTV is YouTube’s fifth largest multi-channel Network, managing more than 7,800 channels and generating around 800 million video views per month.
    RTL Group’s initial investment of €27 million ($36 million) is part of a planned series of investments in the company. The business partnership between the two companies creates a new platform for RTL Group’s digital strategy and allows the management team of BroadbandTV, led by founder and CEO Shahrzad Rafati, to accelerate its global growth strategy.
    Founded in 2005, BroadbandTV first entered the online video market with a creative solution for helping large media organisations benefit from a new revenue stream: the company’s innovative technology detects videos which had been uploaded by fans on YouTube, and offers the organisations that own the IP a tool for monetising the content. BroadbandTV has since expanded its portfolio to include tools for the management, optimisation, protection and monetisation of video content, and its target audiences to include media companies, content creators and advertisers.
    BroadbandTV now works with more than 7,800 independent channel partners through its network brands VISO and TGN. The company drives success for content creators of all sizes, from independent video entrepreneurs such as Element Animation, to well-established media brands such as Discovery Communications. The number of video views to BroadbandTV sites grew by 169% year-on-year, reaching 2.1 billion views, in the first quarter of 2013 alone.
    Guillaume de Posch, Co-CEO of RTL Group, said in a statement: “As the leading European entertainment network, RTL Group is committed to becoming a major player in all segments of the rapidly growing online video market, and is ideally positioned to do so. Our major broadcasters have built leading catch-up TV services, while RTL Group’s global content arm, FremantleMedia, has become the highest-rated TV producer on YouTube, with 135 channels currently generating 400 million video views per month. Today, we are delighted to announce a partnership with BroadbandTV and Shahrzad Rafati that will further our development. Broandband TV is one of the most innovative companies in the YouTube ecosystem. RTL Group’s track record of allowing our businesses to be run autonomously by entrepreneurs means that BroadbandTV can maintain its culture and flexibility, while benefitting from our strong investment and partnership to drive continued growth.”
    Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV, added: “BroadbandTV has been on a rapid growth trajectory since we began, and that pace will only accelerate with our partnership with RTL Group. We are thrilled to have the powerful resources of RTL Group behind us. In addition to the competitive advantage for BroadbandTV, our customers and partners will benefit greatly from RTL Group’s global reach, advertising sales and expertise in producing amazing content. Our skill sets are complementary and we share mutual goals. Together, we have defined an ambitious growth plan fuelled by investments in technology, advertising sales, content, international expansion and talent. We have a shared vision to achieve market leadership in the digital space. Above all, what inspires me about this new partnership is that, even more than ever, it will enable content owners and creators across the globe to achieve their ambitious goals, which is one of the key reasons for BroadbandTV’s existence.”
    Following the transaction, RTL Group holds a 51% shareholding in BroadbandTV. In addition, RTL Group will appoint three members to the Board of BroadbandTV. RTL Group’s operations and BroadbandTV will explore joint business opportunities in areas such as development of original content and advertising sales, further strengthening RTL Group’s position in the online video

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    Fox rebrands and expands Eredivisie Live
    June 26, 2013 16.58 Europe/London By Robert Briel

    Fox International Channels has announced the rebrand of Eredivisie Live to FOX Sports Eredivisie and the launch of Fox Sports in the Netherlands.
    The news was earlier reported by Broadband TV News. The switch to Fox Sports Eredivisie goes live on August 1, 2013, followed by the launch of Fox Sports on August 17.
    The newly named Fox Sports Eredivisie will remain the home of Dutch national soccer leagues, and will launch the 2013 Eredivisie season on Friday August 2 with a match between Ajax and Roda JC Kerkrade.
    Its new sister network, Fox Sports, will become the Dutch destination of top international soccer, including the Barclays Premier League, Serie A, the FA Cup, the League Cup, Coppa Italia, DFB Pokal and the UEFA Europa League.
    The Fox Sports Eredivisie three-channel multiplex will continue being the national broadcaster of live Dutch matches from the Eredivisie and Jupiler League, cup soccer from the KNVB and Dutch teams in the UEFA Europa League.
    In addition to the hundreds of live games, the channel’s current slate of signature news, recaps, Club TV and sports talk shows will remain and be helmed by their existing presenters Jan Joost van Gangelen, Kees Jansma and Toine van Peperstraten.
    Hernan Lopez, President and CEO of FIC commented: “We’re very excited to bring Fox Sports to The Netherlands, a country full of passionate fans and rich in sporting tradition. I’m confident the FOX Sports Eredivisie and FOX Sports networks will become favored sports destinations for the soccer-loving Dutch.”
    This latest move continues to thrust FOX Sports’ international reach, which under FIC’s leadership has more than quadrupled from 17 million households in 2010 to nearly 70 million projected once this summer’s Italian and Dutch launches complete.
    Both FOX Sports Eredivisie and FOX Sports will be managed by Eredivisie Media & Marketing (EMM), an FIC majority-owned joint venture between FIC, the 18 Eredivisie teams, KNVB and Endemol. EMM is governed by a team of managing directors, including Alex Tielbeke, Frank Rutten and Raymond van der Vliet. The group is currently negotiating transmission of Fox Sports Eredivisie and Fox Sports.

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    Digital TV Labs tests Freeview boxes against 4G interference
    June 26, 2013 15.56 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    Digital media testing company Digital TV Labs has launched a new service that enables Freeview receivers to be tested for susceptibility of interference from 4G LTE mobile services.
    New 4G services broadcasting in the 800 MHz band can interfere with both Freeview DVB-T and Freeview DVB-T2 terrestrial reception in some areas. To prevent service disruption a special filter is required between the antennae and receiver of the households that are affected. A series of tests have been specified in the latest UK D-Book specification to ensure a basic level of immunity on DVB terrestrial receivers and Digital TV Labs is now able to provide manufacturers with a comprehensive 4G LTE test service.
    Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, said: “The introduction of 4G means faster, more reliable mobile internet services for consumers but it can also disrupt some Freeview services. By validating Freeview receivers’ immunity, manufacturers can avoid potential disruption to end user TV experience.
    “We’ve been providing testing services for Freeview receivers since early 2010 and provide test reports to manufacturers as part of the Freeview certification process. This latest development is another important addition to our services.”
    Digital TV Labs works closely with manufacturers and operators in the consumer electronics supply chain including silicon tuner and demodulator chip suppliers.

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    Red Bee to supply Canal Digital metadata
    June 26, 2013 11.44 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    Red Bee Media has signed a rich metadata supply deal with Telenor’s Canal Digital.
    The multiyear contract will see Red Bee Media provide rich EPG content, including localised programme descriptions and images, to power content discovery for over 250 channels in five languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English). The metadata will support linear and on demand services available on Canal Digital DTH’s next-generation TV platform.
    Patrick Tillieux, Chief Executive Officer, Red Bee Media, added: “Canal Digital DTH is a major operator in the Nordic region and we are proud to be selected as the exclusive provider of rich metadata for their next-generation TV platform. We offer the most comprehensive and high quality metadata coverage in Europe along with leading-edge functionality and years of experience and know-how. This new deal, combined with other recent new business wins, really solidifies our position as the leading provider of content discovery services not just in the Nordic region, but across Europe too.”
    Red Bee Media is currently the largest metadata provider in Europe

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    BBC secures Orange Romania carriage
    June 26, 2013 11.24 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    BBC Worldwide and BBC World News have announced new channel distribution deals with Orange in Romania.
    BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge and BBC World News will all be carried as part of the Universe HD tier of the newly launched Orange Romania DTH TV service
    The Orange launch of BBC Knowledge, which broadcasts factual programming, continues the channel’s rollout throughout the Central & Eastern European region. BBC Knowledge launched in Cyprus, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia for the first time during 2013.
    Ian McDonough, Executive Vice President for Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, BBC Worldwide said: “Following the successful launch of BBC Knowledge in Romania earlier this year, it’s very pleasing to see that there’s demand for BBC channels on this exciting new platform. Our channels are rapidly becoming more established throughout Central & Eastern Europe. Expect to see more announcements in the coming months.”
    Julien Ducarroz, CCO, Orange Romania, added, “We’re pleased to be partnering with BBC Worldwide and BBC World News in Romania. Given the BBC’s excellent global reputation for entertainment, factual and news programming, these channels form a vital part of that offering.”
    BBC Entertainment, offering British comedy and drama from the BBC and leading UK independents, launched in Romania on its pan-European feed in 2009.
    BBC World News has been available in Romania for more than ten years.

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    Intelsat and Ericsson stage true 4K video demo
    June 27, 2013 10.04 Europe/London By Julian Clover

    Intelsat and Ericsson have completed a successful demo of an Ultra High Definition end-to-end video transmission in North America.
    The demonstration, over Intelsat’s Galaxy 13 satellite, delivered a 4:2:2 10-bit, 4K UHD signal at 60 frames per second. It was received at Turner Broadcasting’s facilities in Atlanta.
    The 100 Mbps video feed was encoded and decoded in real time by Ericsson, using its AVP 2000 contribution encoders and RX8200 receivers, capable of 4K UHD operations as well as HD and SD contribution. Newtec provided the modulation and demodulation hardware, featuring Clean Channel Technology, and the satellite downlink antenna was provided by Turner.
    “4K UHD is the next evolutionary step for television broadcasting, and just as Intelsat supported the smooth transition from SD to HD, so too will we be ready to support the transition to full-time distribution in this new format,” said Peter Ostapiuk, Intelsat’s vice president of media product management.
    “We are tremendously pleased with the outcome of today’s demonstration,” said Giles Wilson, head of TV compression business, Ericsson. “It shows what is feasible in terms of meeting consumer demand for the highest quality possible. Demonstrations such as this show operators that it is possible to start building the necessary ecosystem and a library of UHD TV content now as the industry readies itself for the roll-out of commercial services in the coming years.
    An earlier test between Newtec and satellite transmission provider PSSI Global Services, which was conducted in preparation for the UHD demonstration, achieved 140 Mbps over a 36 MHz transponder on Galaxy 13 to a 4.6-meter antenna.

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    Online video looks to ‘freemium’
    June 27, 2013 09.35 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul, Digital TV in CEE, Krakow

    Only 10% of online video viewers in Poland are currently paying for content, while 77% would prefer to watch ads instead of paying.
    As a result, said Marcin Boroszko, CEO and president of the board, Atmedia Group, the advertising industry favours the adoption of a ‘freemium’ business model, in which part of the content is free and part paid for by viewers.
    Commenting on the Polish TV ad market, Marcin Boroszko said that if amounts to €861 million this year, the ‘big four’ broadcasters will account for €618 million of the total, or €154 million per channel.
    Thematic channels, on the other hand, will claim the remaining €243 million, or just €2 million per channel.
    Thematic channels account for half of the viewing share in Poland, while in Hungary they reach that milestone in 2009.
    Their viewership is also growing in Hungary.
    Atmedia is a broker of thematic channels and operates in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
    It is also developing a part of its business focused on VOD.


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